Grayson Waller's Memorable Main Roster Debut: Sharing the WWE Ring with Edge


Grayson Waller's Memorable Main Roster Debut: Sharing the WWE Ring with Edge

In a surprising turn of events, Grayson Waller's main roster debut on the July 7 episode of "Smackdown" saw him step into the ring with none other than the returning legend, Edge. While Waller's past actions may have made him an easy target for criticism, there's no denying that his performance against Edge at Madison Square Garden demands a certain level of respect from the WWE Universe.

During an appearance on "WWE's The Bump," Waller couldn't contain his excitement as he discussed the significance of his debut match against the beloved WWE Hall of Famer. Proudly proclaiming that he likely had "the biggest week in the history of WWE for one performer," it's difficult to argue with Waller's claim.

From interviewing internet sensation Logan Paul on "SmackDown" to engaging in verbal sparring with John Cena at Money in the Bank and finally going head-to-head with "The Rated R Superstar" himself, Waller's whirlwind journey culminated in a high-stakes encounter.

Waller's Resilience Shines Through

What made Waller's performance even more remarkable was the fact that he did it all while recovering from a broken leg, giving Edge a slight advantage. Reflecting on this, Waller expressed his amazement at the surreal nature of the experience.

Just a few months prior, he had suffered a devastating leg injury against Carmelo Hayes, and now he found himself in the main event at Madison Square Garden. While Waller acknowledged Edge's victory, he confidently declared that a fully healed Grayson Waller would present a more significant challenge for the veteran.

He teased that Edge hadn't witnessed the full extent of his arsenal, noting the surprise on Edge's face during their encounter. Despite his bravado, Waller showed sincerity when asked about his inner fan's perspective on his recent accomplishments.

He explained that his days as a fan were long gone, but he acknowledged the significance of receiving respect from a seasoned professional like Edge. From a professional standpoint, Waller appreciated the recognition, emphasizing that while he may talk a big game, he consistently backs it up every time he steps into the ring.

The way Waller skillfully balances his character with his true self is imposing. Unlike some villains who blur the lines between fiction and reality by being unpleasant both in and out of the ring, Waller takes a more realistic and believable approach.

This ability to seamlessly navigate between his on-screen persona and his genuine self has the potential to propel him to great heights in his WWE career.

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