July 11 NXT Rating Rebounds Strongly Following Independence Day Plunge


July 11 NXT Rating Rebounds Strongly Following Independence Day Plunge

In a remarkable recovery from last week's Independence Day holiday slump, "WWE NXT" bounced back with an impressive surge in viewership on July 11. Despite stiff competition from the Major League Baseball All-Star Game on FOX, "NXT" managed to captivate its audience, drawing in many viewers across its two-hour broadcast.

According to reliable sources such as Wrestlenomics on Twitter and Patreon, the overall viewership for the July 11 episode of "NXT" averaged a commendable 671,000 viewers, marking a 32 percent increase from the previous week.

The surge was even more impressive among the coveted key demographic of adults aged 18 to 49, with approximately 256,000 viewers tuning in, reflecting a remarkable 54 percent increase compared to the week prior. This translates to a commendable 0.20 rating in P18-49.

While specific cable rankings were not yet available for comparison, the fact that "NXT" managed to regain its viewership momentum amid fierce competition is undoubtedly a testament to its compelling content.

Demographic Growth Amidst Exceptions

Delving deeper into the data, Wrestlenomics' Patreon page provides a comprehensive analysis of "NXT's" performance across various demographics, comparing it to the median of the past four weeks.Most demographics exhibited positive growth, with only a few exceptions.

Men aged 18 to 34 witnessed a slight decline of 36 percent from the median, while adults aged 18 to 34 experienced a smaller decrease of 14 percent. Notably, women aged 35 to 49 remained stable with no significant change. On the other hand, the largest percentage increases were observed in men aged 35 to 49, surging by an impressive 71 percent.

Additionally, adults aged 35 to 49 showed a notable growth of 47 percent, and women aged 18 to 34 followed suit with an encouraging rise of 44 percent. The only statistic within Nielsen's stated margin of error was the overall viewership outside the 18 to 49 range, which exhibited a respectable seven percent increase over the median.

The quarter-hour ratings reported by Wrestlenomics unveiled intriguing insights into the viewership patterns during the episode. The pinnacle of viewership occurred during the final quarter, as 715,000 viewers were engrossed in the exhilarating match between Finn Balor, Damian Priest, Carmelo Hayes, and Trick Williams.

Furthermore, the match featuring Drew Gulak and Charlie Dempsey against Chase U in the second quarter garnered a peak viewership of 285,000 in the coveted P18-49 demographic.