WWE SVP Road Dogg Names 2023's Best Wrestling Match Yet


WWE SVP Road Dogg Names 2023's Best Wrestling Match Yet
WWE SVP Road Dogg Names 2023's Best Wrestling Match Yet

In a recent episode of the podcast, "Oh...You Didn't Know," Brian "Road Dogg" James, the Senior Vice President of Live Events for WWE, couldn't contain his excitement about what he believes to be the most riveting wrestling match of 2023 - the much-anticipated showdown of the Bloodline Civil War.

This adrenaline-fueled match featured the wrestling talents of Jimmy Uso, Jey Uso, Solo Sikoa, and the unassailable Roman Reigns. The narrative woven around these characters, the intricate storytelling, and the breathtaking performances delivered by the wrestlers left the audience on the edge of their seats.

"The Usos versus Roman [Reigns] and Solo [Sikoa] - that's my pick for the match of the year," James enthusiastically declared. He went on to express his complete emotional investment in the story that unfolded in the ring.

"The narrative buildup to this showdown was simply unmatched. I was completely drawn in."

Jey Uso's Unprecedented Victory

Jey Uso's significant achievement of becoming the first man to pin Roman Reigns since 2019 was a standout moment that James believes has opened up numerous exciting plotlines for future matches.

"The way they wrapped up the story was incredible," praised James. The emotional high of the Money In The Bank main event had outstripped any other match of the year, in his view. Diverging from critics' preferences for wrestlers like Kenny Omega and Will Ospreay, James explained his predilection for the emotionally charged narratives of matches like the Bloodline Civil War.

He credited his Memphis showboating roots for this inclination towards the emotionally nuanced side of wrestling. In fact, the Bloodline Civil War match held a unique personal resonance for James. Being a part of a wrestling family himself, he found parallels in the familial dynamics of Reigns, Sikoa, and The Usos.

"Wrestling alongside family members - it's something special, something I can personally relate to," James confessed. "Seeing them in the ring with their brothers and cousins evoked strong emotions in me." Reflecting on the match, James admitted to experiencing a sort of vicarious thrill, wishing he could have shared such a grand stage with his own siblings in his wrestling days.

Through his enthusiastic commentary, he offers an insider's perspective on the engrossing drama and the compelling emotional stakes that make wrestling matches like the Bloodline Civil War an unforgettable spectacle.

Road Dogg

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