Natalya Preps New WWE Threat for Rhea Ripley


Natalya Preps New WWE Threat for Rhea Ripley

In the world of professional wrestling, preparation and strategy are key, and Natalya, one of WWE's most experienced wrestlers, knows this all too well. The veteran athlete, widely known as the "Queen of Harts", was recently seen in an intense training session with rising Japanese star IYO SKY.

This development has set the rumor mill churning, with speculations suggesting that SKY could be gearing up to challenge the formidable Rhea Ripley for the championship title. The WWE landscape has shifted significantly under Triple H's regime, with many new talents coming to the forefront.

One such talent is IYO SKY, who recently won the coveted Money in the Bank briefcase in the NXT Women's Championship. This victory essentially guarantees her a shot at the title, paving the way for a potential face-off against the reigning champion, Rhea Ripley.

Despite being in the SmackDown division where Asuka is the current Women's Champion, SKY's Money in the Bank win gives her the flexibility to challenge Ripley. Yet, beating Ripley, known for her formidable 'Judgment Day's Eradicator' persona, is no small feat.

As such, SKY is wisely seeking guidance from seasoned professionals like Natalya. Photos of a rigorous training session between Natalya and SKY at the Workhorse gym have surfaced online, sparking discussions among fans and commentators alike.

At 33, SKY is a promising star and learning from Natalya, a respected figure in modern wrestling, could provide her with the edge needed for a potential bout against Ripley.

Natalya's Unfinished Battle with Ripley

Speaking of Ripley, the reigning champion has been a consistent adversary for Natalya since the former won the title from Charlotte Flair at WrestleMania 39.

Natalya has faced Ripley twice - at Night of Champions and in a recent Monday Night RAW episode - but was bested on both occasions. Yet, Natalya remains undeterred. In an exclusive interview with Sportskeeda Wrestling, she expressed a keen interest in facing Ripley at the upcoming SummerSlam event in Detroit on August 6th.

Despite past losses, Natalya, at 41, believes she still has what it takes to challenge the younger champion. Asserting that no part of WWE is "off limits" to her, Natalya is eager for another shot at the title, bolstering anticipation for a potential match at SummerSlam.

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