Thunder Rosa Eager for LA Knight Collaboration, Reminisces WWE Days in NWA


Thunder Rosa Eager for LA Knight Collaboration, Reminisces WWE Days in NWA

LA Knight, formerly known as Eli Drake, is a name now popular in the WWE universe, but his journey started long before he landed in the WWE. Prior to WWE, Knight's career traversed the wrestling landscape, including notable stints in Impact Wrestling and the NWA.

Recently, Thunder Rosa, an NWA alum and current AEW star, took time on "Busted Open" to applaud Knight's recent WWE success. Rosa vividly recalled a recent interview with Knight, "He spoke about a decade-long struggle, wrestling being his only livelihood.

Despite the hard times, frequent evictions due to low pay, he persevered," she shared.

Thunder Rosa's Heartwarming Pride

Rosa's eyes twinkled with pride as she added, "Look at where he is now. Our paths crossed at NWA; I regard him as one of my favourite colleagues.

He was compassionate, clever, and brimming with charisma. To see him on the WWE's grand stage, participating in Money in the Bank, and earning the audience's adoration, it warms my heart." She was referring to the highly anticipated men's Money in the Bank match, where Knight was a front-runner, though the ultimate victory went to Damian Priest.

Thunder Rosa's admiration for LA Knight isn't an isolated sentiment. The wrestling community has been showering him with widespread praise. Nevertheless, there have been detractors who point out parallels between Knight's persona and wrestling legends like The Rock and "Stone Cold" Steve Austin.

Rosa dismissed these criticisms, focusing instead on his achievements. "After almost two decades of chasing his dream, he's living it," Rosa declared, her voice steady. "Despite any criticisms about his character's development, he's realized his dream.

It's a monumental achievement. And he's not alone." Drawing parallels with another wrestling icon, she concluded, "Take John Cena, for instance. He started his WWE career earning a meagre 12,000 dollars. But like Knight, he lived and breathed professional wrestling. Look at him now. He's become one of the most acclaimed superstars worldwide."

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