Seth Rollins: WWE World Heavyweight Title Triumph & Roman Reigns

Seth Rollins shares his mission to elevate a newly established championship.

by Atia Mukhtar
Seth Rollins: WWE World Heavyweight Title Triumph & Roman Reigns

In a recent appearance on "Out of Character with Ryan Satin," WWE World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins opened up about the significance of the newly introduced World Heavyweight Championship and its connection to Roman Reigns' title reign.

Rollins acknowledged the challenge of establishing the prestige of a title that emerged as a secondary championship, emphasizing the importance of consistently elevating its stature.

Elevating a Newly Built Championship

Rollins stated, "It's hard to take a title [that's] basically built from nothing and make it feel like a big deal.

And so I think that's the goal right now, to just elevate this thing every single time the people see it." Whether it's showcased at live events, on television shows like "The Today Show" or ESPN, or during pay-per-view events, Rollins expressed the intention to make the championship feel significant, hoping to raise the overall profile of the entire WWE product.

The champion recognized that his title may be seen as secondary compared to Roman Reigns' prestigious championship. He acknowledged the historical lineage and equity associated with Reigns' title, noting the weight of its significance.

Referring to Reigns' recent pinfall loss at Money in the Bank, Rollins highlighted the value the audience places on the established title. He stressed the importance of champions who defend the title in various territories and towns, gradually building the perception of its importance over time.

Rollins also addressed the need for a secondary championship on the "Raw" brand, suggesting that if Reigns pursued a similar path, another World Heavyweight Title might not be necessary. While he alluded to Reigns' part-time schedule and different goals for his title reign, Rollins embraced the role of filling the void left by Reigns.

He described himself as "the carrot that's dangling there," representing an aspiration for other performers. Acknowledging the critique that his title might be seen as a consolation prize, Rollins expressed understanding and remained unfazed.

Despite the label, he viewed his championship as a significant achievement, as he was chosen above all other non-Reigns wrestlers on the roster to carry the newly introduced title. In conclusion, Seth Rollins showcased his awareness of the challenges faced in establishing the credibility of a secondary championship while also recognizing the impact and historical significance of Roman Reigns' title reign.

Rollins' determination to elevate the championship's stature and his contentment in being a coveted target for other wrestlers demonstrate his commitment to the role and his understanding of the wrestling industry's dynamics.

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