Booker T: Placing Dominik Mysterio in WWE NXT Would've Been a Costly Error

Dominik Mysterio's rapid rise in WWE's main roster

by Atia Mukhtar
Booker T: Placing Dominik Mysterio in WWE NXT Would've Been a Costly Error

Since its transformation into a developmental brand in 2012, WWE NXT has served as a stepping stone for most WWE Superstars before making their mark on the main roster. However, there are occasional exceptions to this trajectory, and one such case is Dominik Mysterio, who made his professional wrestling debut at SummerSlam in 2020.

While some critics argue that Mysterio should have started his in-ring journey in NXT, WWE Hall of Famer Booker T firmly believes that the company made the correct choice by thrusting him into the main roster right away. Speaking on "The Hall of Fame" podcast, Booker T expressed his support for this decision, saying, "Dominik is not exactly like his father, Rey Mysterio, but at the same time, he embodies the qualities that make Rey Mysterio special.

Despite being taller, he possesses the same athleticism, impeccable timing, grace, and flawless execution. He excels in every aspect. I heard that the original plan was to start him in the NXT program, but I think that would have been a mistake.

Truly, I do. WWE stumbled upon a legitimate star, someone they can work with for the next 15 years."

Dominik's Main Roster Impact

Upon his arrival on the main roster in 2020, Dominik became embroiled in an ongoing feud between his father and Seth Rollins.

Eventually, he made his in-ring debut at SummerSlam in a hard-hitting Street Fight against Rollins, though he ultimately fell short in securing the victory. Despite the loss, Dominik continued to build his wrestling resume, notably capturing the WWE SmackDown Tag Team Championships alongside his father.

As his journey progressed, Dominik surprised the WWE Universe by betraying his father and aligning himself with the Judgment Day faction. Currently, he competes under the moniker "Dirty Dom," embracing a darker persona. The decision to bypass NXT has undeniably accelerated Dominik Mysterio's progress, thrusting him into the spotlight from the outset of his career.

Booker T's endorsement further solidifies the notion that WWE made the right call by entrusting him with immediate main roster opportunities. With his unique blend of athleticism and the potential for long-term success, Dominik is poised to carve his own path and establish himself as a bona fide star in WWE for years to come.

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