Rob Van Dam Reveals Limited In-Ring Collaboration with Wife Katie Forbes


Rob Van Dam Reveals Limited In-Ring Collaboration with Wife Katie Forbes
Rob Van Dam Reveals Limited In-Ring Collaboration with Wife Katie Forbes

Rob Van Dam, a renowned professional wrestler, has been enjoying a blissful relationship with fellow wrestler Katie Forbes for the past seven years. The couple recently exchanged vows, solidifying their commitment to each other.

While one might assume that their partnership extends to the wrestling ring, Van Dam revealed on a recent episode of "1 Of A Kind" that he has had limited involvement in Forbes' in-ring endeavors since their time together at Impact Wrestling.

Van Dam candidly admitted, "I've been in the ring with her very few times... because I'm so stiff." Reflecting on their early days when they attended the Santino Brothers wrestling school in Los Angeles, he marveled at Forbes' impressive athleticism.

Recounting her daredevilry, he said, "She's going up on the top rope and jumping off, doing a springboard off the middle and landing on the guy, doing a hurricanrana. I'm like, 'Holy crap!' I couldn't believe that she was doing all these moves.

I was like, 'Wow. You're acrobatic, that's amazing.' "

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Despite his initial awe, Van Dam revealed that his presence and stature as a legendary figure in the wrestling industry make Forbes somewhat uneasy.

He shared that during her matches, Forbes often prefers him not to be present. Van Dam speculated on the reason behind her request, saying, "'Cause... I don't know, she thinks she's going to disappoint me?" Expressing his desire to provide constructive feedback rather than mere praise, he added, "'Do you want some advice that can maybe help you get better?' And a lot of people hearing that, as much as it can help, I think sometimes, that makes her nervous, 'cause she knows that I have higher standards than...

her peers at these all-girl wrestling shows that she's doing." It is evident that Van Dam's intention is to support Forbes and help her improve her skills. However, the weight of his expectations and the desire to offer critical input can understandably create a sense of pressure for Forbes, ultimately affecting her comfort level in his presence.

While their personal and professional lives intertwine, it seems that Van Dam's limited involvement in Forbes' wrestling career is a conscious decision to allow her to flourish independently and develop her own style without the influence of his reputation and standards.

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