The Undertaker Surprise Appearance on Marvel's Secret Invasion Sends Shockwaves

Crossovers and surprises abound as Marvel embraces the wrestling world.

by Atia Mukhtar
The Undertaker Surprise Appearance on Marvel's Secret Invasion Sends Shockwaves

WWE's larger-than-life legend, The Undertaker, continues to extend his shadowy presence beyond the realm of professional wrestling and into the vast expanse of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. In a surprising revelation during the latest episode of the Disney+ series "Secret Invasion," the iconic character was name-dropped by none other than Don Cheadle, who portrays James Rhodes, also known as War Machine.

As the storyline unfolded, Cheadle's character boldly proclaimed, "I fired Fury, okay? No, I'm sorry, correction, I DDT'd that dude from the top rope. Yeah, it was like Undertaker level. It was really impressive." These words not only sent shockwaves throughout the Marvel fandom but also solidified The Undertaker's existence as a revered figure within the MCU.

Undertaker's Impact on Marvel's El Muerto

While Marvel already has its own wrestling-themed character, El Muerto, the mention of The Undertaker's name in the series implies that the former WWE Champion holds a significant place as a canonical celebrity within the Marvel universe.

Notably, discussions have been underway for WWE Superstar Bad Bunny to portray El Muerto in an upcoming Sony Films production centered around the comic book wrestler, who is intricately connected to the Spider-Man mythos.

However, the recent absence of this film from Disney's release schedule has cast doubt on its future, leaving the involvement of Bad Bunny and Mercedes Moné uncertain. This noteworthy reference to wrestling in the realm of Disney+ follows previous instances of the popular sport's influence within the streaming platform.

In January, Marvel launched "Marvel Lucha Libre Edition: The Origin of the Mask," a series that intertwines the worlds of Lucha Libre and superhero storytelling. Moreover, wrestling's rich tapestry has been interwoven into various entertainment realms, ranging from the appearance of The Freebirds in the film Highlander to a recent nod to New Japan Pro-Wrestling on the hit show "Blackish." As The Undertaker's legendary aura expands its reach, transcending the confines of wrestling and infiltrating pop culture's most prominent universes, fans and enthusiasts alike eagerly anticipate what lies ahead for this iconic figure.

Whether this brief but electrifying name-drop will pave the way for further crossovers or appearances remains to be seen, but for now, The Undertaker's enduring legacy continues to captivate audiences across multiple dimensions.

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