Mike Bennett Thriving in Tony Khan's ROH: "Time of My Life"

Mike Bennett's ROH Run: Embracing a Thrilling Journey

by Noman Rasool
 Mike Bennett Thriving in Tony Khan's ROH: "Time of My Life"

In an exclusive interview, Mike Bennett shares his current run in Ring of Honor (ROH), expressing his joy and fulfillment. Reflecting on the tumultuous period when ROH faced closure, Bennett candidly shares the emotional toll it took on the roster, both financially and personally.

However, with the arrival of Tony Khan as the new owner, a glimmer of hope emerged, rejuvenating their spirits and reigniting their passion for the industry.

Khan's Respect Revives ROH's Spirit

Bennett praises Tony Khan's immediate show of respect and appreciation for ROH, acknowledging the significance of the company not only to the wrestlers themselves but to the wrestling world at large.

The ownership transition assured Bennett that their beloved ROH was in safe hands, and he was eager to see how Khan would shape its future. Within this revitalized landscape, Bennett, along with his fellow Kingdom members Matt Taven and Maria Kanellis, embraces a pivotal role as the gatekeepers of ROH.

They aspire to showcase the company's essence to the established audience and newcomers. Regardless of the size of the crowd or the duration of their matches, Bennett emphasizes the commitment to give their all, embodying the unwavering Ring of Honor ethos.

Even in the face of adversity, such as a busted open wound early in a match, Bennett stands stubborn, determined to finish what he started—a testament to the dedication and sacrifice engrained in the spirit of ROH. As gatekeepers, Bennett and The Kingdom take great pride in guiding and elevating the younger talent within the promotion.

When presented with the opportunity to work with rising stars like Action and Darius, they seize the moment to shape their futures. Their recent Fight Without Honor match is a testament to their commitment to nurturing talent and fostering growth.

Witnessing the evolution of Action and Darius, Bennett feels a profound sense of accomplishment, knowing they have played a part in their development. The Kingdom is upholding the very essence of the Ring of Honor by elevating themselves and the promising talents around them.

A newfound sense of purpose and fulfillment marks Mike Bennett's current run in ROH. Under the stewardship of Tony Khan, Bennett, alongside The Kingdom, embraces their role as gatekeepers, safeguarding the values and legacy of the Ring of Honor.

As they continue to soar to new heights, they remain dedicated to attracting emerging talent and ensuring that ROH remains a beacon of excellence in the wrestling world.

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