Kevin Owens Aims for WWE Title Reign with Sami Zayn, Inspired by The Usos' Dominance


Kevin Owens Aims for WWE Title Reign with Sami Zayn, Inspired by The Usos' Dominance

Kevin Owens recently admired The Usos' remarkable tag team title reign and emphasized his determination to live up to their standard alongside his partner Sami Zayn. During a conversation with "Inside The Ropes," Owens highlighted The Usos' significant contributions in elevating the relevance of the titles, and he aspires to achieve the same feat.

Reflecting on his concerns before winning the tag team titles, Owens acknowledged The Usos's impact, stating, "They did a lot for these titles." He commended their relentless efforts, which propelled the championships to a point where they could even headline WrestleMania.

Owens attributed great credit to The Usos for their pivotal role in the titles' prominence.

Kevin Owens' Ambition to Surpass The Usos

Admittedly, Owens believes that his current tag team title reign with Zayn has yet to reach the level of dominance exhibited by The Usos.

He expressed a strong desire to work diligently to ensure their reign would be remembered in the same breath as The Usos. Owens acknowledged that thus far, they have yet to match The Usos' accomplishments, but he remains committed to putting in the effort required to leave a lasting legacy.

Furthermore, Owens recognized The Usos' underappreciated contributions over a prolonged period and highlighted their recent well-deserved recognition. Determined to follow in their footsteps, Owens and Zayn are wholeheartedly dedicated to maintaining the tag titles as a focal point in the stories they tell, tirelessly delivering captivating performances.

The Usos' astonishing reign saw them hold the "SmackDown" Tag Team titles for 622 days before succumbing to Owens and Zayn at this year's WrestleMania. Their previous "Raw" Tag Team title reign endured over 300 days. Such impressive achievements inspire Owens and Zayn, motivating them to work relentlessly in pursuit of comparable success.

As Owens and Zayn continue their reign, their commitment to honoring The Usos' legacy and solidifying their place in tag team history is evident. With their sights set on leaving an indelible mark, Owens and Zayn are prepared to seize every opportunity and make their tag team title reign one to be remembered alongside the legendary accomplishments of The Usos.

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