McIntyre on Upcoming MITB Match

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McIntyre on Upcoming MITB Match

Vicente Beltran from ViBe & Wrestling interviewed Drew McIntyre recently. He was asked about his previous wrestling experiences including his involvement in the 2010 MITB match. He was knocked unconscious by Kofi Kingston in that match.

Besides that, Drew spoke about being a veteran in the business. After he was released by the WWE in 2014, he toured the entire world and wrestled for various promotions, including EVOLVE and TNA. He was hired by NXT and was later called to the main roster.

He is now a strong and mean looking wrestler. He stated in the interview that his physical ability and experience will help him win the Money in The Bank Ladder match. Randy Orton, Braun Strowman, Finn Balor and upstarts Ricochet, Andrade, and Ali will also be part of the match.

"It's my journey that makes me different from everybody else," McIntyre said. "Not many people grew up in WWE. I was signed at 21 and then left -- most people did the independents then came to WWE, I did it the other way around.

I was with WWE for years, learned WWE's way. I was around so many legends in the business, learning, then left and applied all those lessons and then returned after succeeding outside of the company and returned and started succeeding in the company”.

McIntyre is not currently part of any main event picture, but he might win the MITB match and get a shot at a major WWE Title.