WWE Star's Hilarious Prank on Bron Breakker during Early NXT Days

Bron Breakker pranked by fellow WWE superstar with hilarious twist.

by Noman Rasool
WWE Star's Hilarious Prank on Bron Breakker during Early NXT Days

Bron Breakker, a former college football player and scion of wrestling royalty, has been making waves in WWE's NXT brand for nearly two years, proving that he truly belongs in the squared circle. The young talent quickly rose through the ranks of NXT, solidifying himself as a main eventer just nine months after signing with the company in February 2021.

NXT underwent a rebranding as "NXT 2.0" in September 2021, with a focus on showcasing promising young talent destined for the main roster. Bron Breakker stood out among his peers, captivating audiences and capturing the NXT Title not once, but twice.

His championship reign lasted a staggering 362 days, displaying his mettle as a top-tier performer. After relinquishing the title to Carmelo Hayes at Stand & Deliver, Breakker embraced a darker persona, turning heel and delivering standout performances against the likes of Seth Rollins and Ilja Dragunov.

During an appearance on The Undisputed Podcast with Bobby Fish, former NXT Champion Karrion Kross shared an entertaining anecdote about a prank he played on the rookie Breakker. Kross revealed that he once convinced the young talent that Tommaso Ciampa, a seasoned wrestler, was genuinely unhinged.

Prankster Karrion Kross Teases Bron Breakker

Recounting the incident, Kross stated, "Bron Breakker approached me one day, visibly disturbed, and asked if Tommaso was truly crazy, relaying an intense encounter he had witnessed that morning.

Seizing the opportunity for some lighthearted mischief, I playfully affirmed his suspicions, cautioning him to steer clear of Tommaso due to his unpredictable nature. It took all my composure to keep a straight face as I spun the tale." Amused by the situation, Kross couldn't resist sharing the prank with Ciampa himself.

However, as Kross approached the focused Ciampa, fully engrossed in his pre-match ritual, he struggled to grab the veteran's attention. When Ciampa finally registered Kross's words, he simply sighed and turned away, his enigmatic demeanor leaving Kross chuckling at the anticlimactic response.

While Breakker has undeniably flourished in his tenure with NXT, his future with the brand may be limited, given his potential as a cornerstone of the WWE main roster for years to come. With his impressive athletic background and the genetic legacy of his wrestling family, Breakker is primed for a successful transition to the grand stage of professional wrestling beyond NXT.

As fans eagerly await Breakker's ascent to the main roster, it's heartening to see the camaraderie and playful antics shared among WWE superstars behind the scenes. Pranks like the one Kross pulled on Breakker remind us that even in the intense world of professional wrestling, there's room for lighthearted moments and laughter among colleagues.

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