Mike Chioda Unveils His Visionary Concept for an Epic WWE Money In The Ladder Match


Mike Chioda Unveils His Visionary Concept for an Epic WWE Money In The Ladder Match

In a recent episode of the "Monday Mailbag" podcast on AdFreeShows, esteemed former WWE referee Mike Chioda took a trip down memory lane while discussing the current Money in the Bank event. Co-host Paul Bromwell's inquiry about the contents of the coveted Money in the Bank briefcase sparked Chioda's recollection of a unique idea he once pitched to WWE officials.

Chioda revealed, "I always had this concept in mind, featuring Dolph Ziggler and another wrestler vying for the briefcase. As they climbed the ladder, the briefcase would unexpectedly open up. One competitor would retrieve the contract, while the other would end up with an empty briefcase.

Now, the briefcase holds no value without the contract, and the contract is rendered useless without the briefcase. Thus, they would be compelled to face each other in a final match to determine the rightful owner of both."

Pitched Vision: WWE Raw Showdown

In Chioda's vision, the decisive showdown between the two contenders would transpire the following night on "WWE Raw." Although his innovative pitch never materialized, the veteran referee clarified that he wouldn't be disheartened if WWE were to adopt his concept eventually.

After serving as a WWE referee for over three decades, Chioda was released by the company in 2020. Subsequently, he appeared for AEW and officiated Ric Flair's retirement match last year. Initially proclaiming it as his swan song, Chioda has softened his stance since then, expressing his desire to officiate at AEW's highly anticipated All-In show at London's iconic Wembley Stadium next month.

Chioda's behind-the-scenes insights and innovative ideas continue to captivate the wrestling community. While his pitch for a unique Money in the Bank ladder match may not have gained traction, the seasoned referee's contributions to the industry are celebrated nonetheless.

Wrestling enthusiasts eagerly await what the future holds for both Chioda and the ever-evolving landscape of professional wrestling.

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