WWE Survivor Series 2023 May Dent AEW's Ticket Revenue


WWE Survivor Series 2023 May Dent AEW's Ticket Revenue

A new analysis has emerged suggesting that WWE's recent announcement of the Survivor Series Pay-Per-View (PPV) event could pose a significant challenge to AEW's ticket sales. In a pivotal move, WWE recently disclosed plans for its annual Survivor Series spectacle.

The highly anticipated event is slated for November 25th at the Allstate Arena in Chicago, Illinois. Additionally, the episode of SmackDown preceding the main event will also be hosted at the same venue on November 24th. This strategic decision by WWE potentially presents fans in the region with tough decisions about which wrestling shows they should attend in the coming months.

All Elite Wrestling (AEW) had already marked its presence for a prominent weekend in the Chicago area the preceding month. AEW is preparing for a major showdown, All Out, at the United Center on September 3rd, with the episode of Collision also set to occur at the United Center on September 2nd.

Furthermore, the August 30th tapings of Dynamite and Rampage will be broadcast from the nearby NOW Arena.

Analyst Forecasts Market Collision

In the latest issue of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, renowned analyst Dave Meltzer expounded on the implications of both companies hosting events in the same market.

Meltzer specifically mentioned that AEW traditionally stages Dynamite in the area the day before Thanksgiving, which falls on November 22nd this year. While Meltzer maintains the belief that both WWE and AEW will perform well, given the closeness of the events, he doesn't shy away from stating that AEW could bear the brunt of the overlapping dates.

He noted, "WWE's decision to hold this year's Survivor Series on 11/25 at Allstate Arena in Chicago, alongside the SmackDown event the night before, isn't in any way inappropriate considering Chicago is probably their second strongest market after New York.

AEW's usual scheduling puts it in Chicago on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving, which would be 11/22." "Even with WWE in town and likely selling out both nights, AEW should still manage to pull in decent numbers," Meltzer continued, "However, it's clear that this clash will hurt AEW.

The notion that this scheduling conflict is simply a coincidence doesn't hold water when examining WWE's history since 1984. WWE has consistently countered AEW, often scheduling PPVs the day before AEW's events. Despite this, AEW has largely remained unaffected. Yet with WWE's sizable lead, the competition poses no real risk to them."

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