Mike Chioda Unveils Long-Standing WWE Money In The Bank Match Proposal


Mike Chioda Unveils Long-Standing WWE Money In The Bank Match Proposal

In the post-Money in the Bank era, wrestling enthusiasts are now bracing themselves for the impending and highly-anticipated cash-ins. On his "Monday Mailbag" podcast hosted on AdFreeShows, Mike Chioda, an esteemed long-term WWE referee, discussed the recent marquee live event.

An intriguing question from co-host Paul Bromwell about the contents of the infamous Money in the Bank briefcase sparked a captivating trip down memory lane for Chioda. He vividly recalled a unique concept he had once proposed to the WWE officials concerning the Money in the Bank ladder match.

Chioda's Innovative Briefcase Twist

The proposal centered around two wrestlers, particularly Dolph Ziggler and another contestant, vying for the coveted briefcase. "The climax would have the briefcase inadvertently opening mid-match, sending its content, the contract, and the case itself, tumbling down to different wrestlers," explained Chioda.

"This would prompt a conundrum - the briefcase is worthless without the contract, and vice versa. This would then necessitate a final match to settle the impasse." Despite its creative intrigue, Chioda's proposal didn't gain traction with the officials.

Mike Chioda's vision had the final decisive showdown unfurling on the subsequent night's "WWE Raw". This innovative twist to the conventional format, however, was unfortunately not given the go-ahead by the officials. Despite parting ways with WWE, Chioda is far from bitter.

He categorically stated that he would harbor no resentment if his concept were to be adopted in the future. His idea, he believes, could potentially infuse a fresh narrative dynamic into the matches, and he remains hopeful of seeing it realized someday.

Mike Chioda, after serving over three decades as a WWE referee, was let go by the company in 2020. He subsequently made several guest appearances for AEW and presided over Ric Flair's farewell match last year. Initially claiming that this would be his last match, the 56-year-old has since expressed interest in returning to the ring.

He recently expressed his keenness to officiate at the forthcoming AEW's All In event next month at the illustrious Wembley Stadium in London, England.

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