Roman Reigns, Jey Uso Prep for 'Rules of Engagement' on SmackDown Next Week

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Roman Reigns, Jey Uso Prep for 'Rules of Engagement' on SmackDown Next Week
Roman Reigns, Jey Uso Prep for 'Rules of Engagement' on SmackDown Next Week

In his absence on this Friday night's "WWE SmackDown," reigning WWE Universal Champion, Roman Reigns, was undoubtedly missed. Yet, the stage wasn't devoid of action, as his cousin Jey Uso stood in the ring, brimming with anticipation for their impending confrontation set to unfold next week.

The meeting, proposed by Paul Heyman, the special counsel to "The Tribal Chief," is planned as an opportunity to negotiate the "rules of engagement" in what promises to be a high-stakes face-off. This ensuing rendezvous, in light of the dramatic happenings of the previous Friday night, teases the potential of heightened tensions between the two WWE heavyweights.

Jey Uso had boldly thrown down the gauntlet to Reigns, expressing his challenge in no uncertain terms, "You better accept my challenge, so I can whoop your a** one more time."

Jey's Declared Disrespect for Reigns

Adding fuel to the already roaring fire, this week saw Jey issue another emotive statement.

He made it abundantly clear that while his respect for his family remains undeterred, the same cannot be said for his sentiments towards Reigns. This candid declaration, however, was not left unaddressed for long. Making his appearance alongside the imposing Solo Sikoa, Heyman quickly pointed a finger of blame at Jey.

He accused him of being the root cause of all their problems, in particular, the brutal attack Jimmy Uso had to endure last week. To add insult to injury, Heyman declared that Jey's actions would never find forgiveness. Sikoa affirmed this sentiment, only to find himself at the receiving end of a series of chair shots and superkicks from the indignant Jey.

A surprising turn of events also saw "The Wiseman" himself on the receiving end of Jey's superkick. This unforeseen attack on Heyman will undoubtedly prompt a response from Reigns. As the wrestling world waits for the cousins' much-anticipated confrontation, the tension mounts with each passing day, counting down to what promises to be an explosive prelude to SummerSlam.

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