Bully Ray on Samoa Joe & CM Punk's Outstanding Performance in July 8th AEW Collision


Bully Ray on Samoa Joe & CM Punk's Outstanding Performance in July 8th AEW Collision

WWE Hall of Famer Bully Ray recently shared his thoughtful analysis and positive remarks on the much-anticipated semi-final match of the Owen Hart tournament, featuring none other than the wrestling legends CM Punk and Samoa Joe, on an episode of his Busted Open Radio.

Ray, who keenly observed the combat live to make an insightful analysis, applauded both wrestling titans for their realistic portrayal of maneuvers and their avoidance of unnecessary strikes aimed merely at soliciting audience reactions.

The match, which had left many casual viewers indifferent, triggered an excited response in Ray. He praised their strategic exchange of offense and defense, saying, "That is how you do it. That is good offense countered by good defense." He referred to the scene where Punk was about to execute an offensive maneuver, only to be stopped by a single impactful chop from Joe.

Ray Critiques Modern Wrestling Tactics

Ray expressed his distaste for matches where wrestlers perform repetitive chops without selling or registering the impact, all for the sake of engaging fans into chanting 'This is awesome,' a scenario which, according to Ray, doesn't contribute to the overall quality of the match.
The wrestling veteran asserted his appreciation for this seemingly insignificant moment, underscoring its significance as a breath of fresh air in an era where many believe that more strikes translate to better performances.

Further expanding his comments, Ray reminisced, drawing parallels with Joe and Punk's previous history in Ring of Honor. "Two warriors, from 25 years ago, who cut their teeth in Ring of Honor — now standing there in [an] AEW [ring].

So much was done in that match," he stated, emphasizing the decades-long journey both wrestlers undertook, full of hard-fought battles and endless determination that shaped them into the warriors they are today. Bully Ray's deep admiration for the match highlights the nuances of professional wrestling that are often overlooked by mainstream audiences.

His insightful analysis reaffirms that a well-executed wrestling match is as much a spectacle of strategy and skill as a physical contest, and the July 8th AEW Collision semi-final was nothing short of a masterclass in these aspects.

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