Kurt Angle Reflects on 2009 TNA Bout; Regrets Not Facing Mick Foley in Their Prime

Exploring a poignant "what if" moment in wrestling history.

by Noman Rasool
Kurt Angle Reflects on 2009 TNA Bout; Regrets Not Facing Mick Foley in Their Prime

During the most recent edition of his podcast, WWE Hall of Famer Kurt Angle opened up about a memorable clash from his past – the TNA Victory Road pay-per-view match against Mick Foley in 2009. Despite the match's relative brevity due to an injury he sustained, Angle offered a reflective look at the experience.

The legendary wrestler traced the origin of his injury to his stint on the set of the movie "Warrior." He endured relentless fight scenes over a grueling six-month period, repeatedly rehearsing his moves with both the lead actors and their doubles.

Co-stars Joel Egerton and Tom Hardy each took leaves of absence due to injuries and illness, further prolonging the filming process. Angle described an instance where he "shot a double leg and went to lift them," resulting in a torn groin.

He instantly recognized the severity of his injury, understanding that his wrestling schedule would inevitably be affected.

Compromising for the TNA Showdown

Despite the pain, Angle reached out to TNA about his predicament, leading to a compromise.

The organization asked him if he could manage a truncated match against Foley, to which Angle acquiesced. He even delivered a pre-match promo claiming he would end the match quickly, a decision he felt was driven by his injury.

Angle acknowledged the compromised quality of the match due to their conditions. He mentioned Foley's limitations, likely due to conditioning, and admitted that a fully fit Angle could've made the match significantly better.

Angle still took pride in their performance despite the circumstances, asserting, "I thought the match wasn't shit. I thought it was okay." Yet, it was clear that Angle harbored a sense of regret about not having faced Foley in their prime.

While he praised Foley's enduring capability, he expressed his longing for a match against Foley when they were both at their peak. The bittersweet memory of their 2009 match thus serves as a reminder of what might have been if their paths had crossed at a different time.

However, the respect and admiration between these two veterans remain undiminished, transcending the boundaries of time and circumstance.

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