Kofi Kingston discusses the hectic WrestleMania schedule

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Kofi Kingston discusses the hectic WrestleMania schedule

In April 2019, Kofi Kingston defeated Daniel Bryan at WrestleMania 35 to win the WWE Championship, his first world title in WWE. He is the first African-born world champion in WWE history as well as its 30th Triple Crown Champion and 20th overall Grand Slam Champion (13th under the current format).

During a recent interview with Vicente Beltran per Wrestling Inc, Kingston discussed the hectic WrestleMania schedule: “But, that is what we sign up for and that is why we do what we do. Be able to carry the ball and be able to fill in for people.

That is what being a champion is all about. Being able to go out, despite the amount of rest you had, or despite the obstacles that may stand in your way. You still must go out there and be a champion. I’m glad to be in that position.

I laid down for about 20 minutes and the called back and said I was needed right now." Kingston spent much of his first few years in WWE on the midcard singles scene, during which he became a four-time Intercontinental Champion and a three-time United States Champion.

In 2014, Kingston formed The New Day with Big E and Xavier Woods. With the exception of a few months spent as a heel (villainous character) in 2015 with The New Day, Kingston has been a babyface (heroic character) for almost the entirety of his WWE career.