Retired WWE Legend, Aged 42, Returns to Settle the Score with The Miz


Retired WWE Legend, Aged 42, Returns to Settle the Score with The Miz

In a surprising turn of events, it has been announced that veteran WWE Superstar Jimmy Wang Yang will step back into the squared circle for one final match on July 15, 2023, marking his retirement from professional wrestling.

At 42 years old, Wang Yang had last graced the WWE ring in 2010 before returning briefly in 2021 to work behind the scenes as a backstage producer. However, he is now ready to lace up his boots and reclaim his place in the spotlight, fueled by a burning desire for revenge against none other than The Miz.

Legendary Feud: Wang Yang vs. The Miz

Throughout his illustrious career, Wang Yang enjoyed several memorable runs with the Stamford-based promotion, captivating fans with his high-flying moves and charismatic personality.

During his last tenure as an active competitor in WWE, he found himself embroiled in a heated feud alongside his partner Shannon Moore against the formidable duo of The Miz and John Morrison, all vying for the coveted Tag Team Championship.

Despite their undeniable skill and numerous victories over the champions, Wang Yang and Moore were unable to secure the tag team gold, coming agonizingly close on multiple occasions. This lingering disappointment, coupled with the realization that he had never captured a championship in the WWE, ultimately led to Wang Yang's decision to retire from the industry following his participation in Pro Wrestling Noah's One Night Dream event.

However, an intriguing opportunity has now presented itself for Wang Yang to settle the score with The Miz. The Miz, currently without a headline feud after an assist from Bronson Reed, recently secured a victory over Tommaso Ciampa on the red brand.

If rumors of a delayed DIY reunion hold true, Wang Yang's return could be the perfect catalyst to reignite their rivalry and potentially secure a championship. Notably, both wrestlers have evolved significantly since their last encounter.

The Miz has shown remarkable growth in the ring and undergone a transformation in his attitude, making a clash between the two a captivating prospect. This anticipated showdown would not only provide fans with a thrilling spectacle but also serve as a litmus test for The Miz's evolution

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