Eric Young Exits WWE, Reportedly Avoids Working with Vince McMahon

Wrestling world abuzz as major shifts transpire behind the scenes.

by Atia Mukhtar
Eric Young Exits WWE, Reportedly Avoids Working with Vince McMahon

As Impact Wrestling's momentous 25th Slammiversary event unfolds, there's been a significant shake-up in the wrestling world involving the former Impact World Champion, Eric Young. A few months back in December, speculations were rife that Young, a prominent figure in the WWE from 2016 to 2020 and best known for his involvement in "WWE NXT," had been reintroduced to the organization by none other than Paul "Triple H" Levesque.

Despite these reports, Young never made an appearance in any WWE show post his alleged comeback, hinting at a major shift on the horizon in May.

Young Exits WWE, Rejects McMahon

As per an exclusive scoop by Fightful Select, Young is said to have asked for and successfully obtained his release from WWE in April, attributing his decision directly to his unwillingness to collaborate with Vince McMahon.

Young's objections were reportedly rooted in a blend of moral, creative, and personal reasons. McMahon's reappearance at the helm of WWE, following the enterprise's recent agreement with Endeavor and its subsequent union with UFC, allegedly sparked Young's decision to part ways with the organization.

Intriguingly, Fightful also indicated that there were already creative designs set in motion for Young post-WrestleMania 39. Thus, Young makes history as the first talent known to depart WWE explicitly due to McMahon's comeback.

As the wrestling rumor mill churns, there's considerable buzz around Young's potential presence at tonight's Slammiversary pay-per-view (PPV), which isn't entirely surprising. Young has deep ties with Impact, being the organization he returned to following his initial release from WWE in 2020.

Lending credence to these speculations, Fightful's investigative journalism has confirmed the recent expiry of Young's 90-day non-compete clause. Should he make his anticipated return, it would undoubtedly raise eyebrows as to how Impact would justify the peculiar circumstance of Young's last sighting in the company, where his character was brutally killed off, quite literally, by Cody Deaner.

Regardless, Young's potential comeback promises to stir the pot in the wrestling community and deliver riveting narratives for fans worldwide.

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