Bronson Reed Single Major WWE Goal: The Title

WWE wrestler Bronson Reed opens up about his unique aspirations.

by Atia Mukhtar
Bronson Reed Single Major WWE Goal: The Title

A wrestler's aspirations in the WWE universe can be as unique as the wrestler themselves, with desires ranging from delivering memorable matches, winning world championships, headlining WrestleMania, to simply gaining comfort.

A recent guest on "The Footy with Broden Kelly," WWE's Bronson Reed, opened up about his flight anxiety and one overarching ambition he hopes to achieve in the WWE. For Reed, the weekly airplane commute brings "existential dread" rather than thrill or excitement.

The aerial commute, in Reed's words, is something he "hates very much." He is, however, using this discomfort as motivation to climb the WWE's ranks. "I'm working my way up at the moment, up the ladder," Reed revealed, expressing a hope for his success to soon afford him the luxury of first-class travel.

Self-aware yet optimistic, he said, "Hopefully, by year's end, I'll be a first-class status sort of guy."

Reed's Return: Choosing WWE over NJPW

Returning to WWE in December 2022, Reed's homecoming followed a year after his August 2021 release.

The hiatus from WWE saw him assuming the persona of JONAH in the New Japan Pro-Wrestling (NJPW), a phase marked by dominance and widespread acclaim. Despite his success in NJPW, Reed chose WWE over NJPW for his comeback, attributing the decision to his feeling of accomplishment after facing off against Kazuchika Okada, a landmark achievement he'd targeted.

Reed's re-entry into WWE has seen him securing a stable position in the "WWE Raw" brand within six months. His remarkable performance in the Elimination Chamber match for the United States Championship earlier this year, featuring Johnny Gargano and Montez Ford, further bolstered his standing, even though Austin Theory was the eventual winner.

Although he confessed to complacency during his stint in "WWE NXT," Reed now sees it as a stepping stone to his larger goal. He's set his sights on pushing "Raw" to the top, dubbing it the "A Brand." His past glory as the "NXT" North American Champion shines a promising light on this ambitious endeavor.

Reed’s journey underscores the fact that every challenge is a stepping stone, and every goal, no matter how unique, is just a victory waiting to happen.

Bronson Reed