Shawn Michaels: A Lasting Influence on Seth Rollins and the Wrestling World

"Seth Rollins expresses profound gratitude for Shawn Michaels' validation."

by Noman Rasool
Shawn Michaels: A Lasting Influence on Seth Rollins and the Wrestling World

In a heartfelt revelation, Seth Rollins reiterated his deep admiration for Shawn Michaels, emphasizing that his wrestling journey would never have begun without the profound influence of "The Heartbreak Kid." A recent backstage video released by WWE captured a poignant moment between Rollins and Michaels after an impressive match against Bron Breakker on "WWE NXT." This encounter further strengthened Rollins' appreciation for Michaels, as he expressed that his life, including meeting his wife and having a child, may not have transpired without Michaels' inspiration.

During an insightful interview on "Out of Character," Rollins delved into how Michaels had ignited his passion for wrestling as a young fan. Reflecting on the iconic figures he grew up watching, such as Hulk Hogan, Ultimate Warrior, and André the Giant, Rollins acknowledged that it was Michaels and Bret Hart who truly made him believe in his own potential.

He stated, "Shawn and Bret were the first two people that I was like, 'Oh, I think I can do that. Maybe if I'm lucky enough to get to 6 feet tall, I might be able to do that.' "

Grateful for Michaels' Validation

The overwhelming respect and recognition Rollins received from Michaels were profoundly meaningful to him.

Rollins expressed his gratitude for their embrace: "To be able to share that experience with Shawn, and to be able to get any respect out of him... means the world to me." He acknowledged being humbled by the fact that Michaels regarded him as a respected character and performer, emphasizing the indescribable significance of their connection.

As Rollins evolves into a leading figure in the wrestling industry, he finds himself becoming an inspiration to future generations, much like Michaels was to him. However, Rollins remains grounded and modest, admitting that he still has much to learn and frequently makes mistakes.

He humbly embraces his journey, acknowledging that he is the same small-town kid who fell in love with professional wrestling. Furthermore, Rollins revealed his perception of Michaels' impact on the wrestling world, emphasizing that he may not fully grasp the extent of his influence.

He stressed that an entire generation, including Rollins' peers, owes their careers to Michaels, as many have patterned their wrestling styles after him, including Bret Hart and Eddie Guerrero. Rollins believed that Michaels's impact on this generation is immeasurable, and his influence continues to shape the industry.

In a lighter note, Rollins humorously shared his least favorite move to receive in the ring, pointing out Kevin Owens' popup powerbomb due to its velocity and potentially dangerous impact on the neck. He also mentioned Damian Priest's chokeslam, expressing his reluctance to engage in moves that involve falling from great heights.

Seth Rollins' candid reflections on Shawn Michaels' influence stand as a testament to the lasting impact of legendary figures on the wrestling industry. Michaels' role in shaping Rollins' career and inspiring countless others will forever be cherished, leaving an indelible mark on the hearts and minds of wrestlers and fans alike.

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