Eddie Kingston Targets Takagi for AEW All In/Out Showdown


Eddie Kingston Targets Takagi for AEW All In/Out Showdown

In a candid post-match press conference following the exhilarating G1 Climax opener, "The Mad King," Eddie Kingston, one of the most charismatic figures in professional wrestling, expressed humility and determination after his surprising victory over the formidable Shingo Takagi.

Fresh off his monumental win in the tournament's initial round, Kingston wasn't shy about admitting his awe and respect for his opponent, Takagi, a former IWGP World Champion. The tension leading up to the clash was palpable for Kingston, who confessed, "I was so nervous.

I tried to play it off like I was cool."

Kingston's Triumph Amidst Physical Adversity

The Mad King's victory wasn't without its trials, though. Takagi, renowned for his relentless and punishing offense, left a lasting mark on Kingston, aggravating a prior hernia surgery.

"The hernia surgery that I had before the tour in Japan started acting up after he gave me a knee to the gut," Kingston revealed. However, he quickly dismissed any notion of using this as an excuse, stating, "No excuses though.

I won, but I got lucky." While Kingston was content with his victory, he was critical of his performance. He candidly admitted, "I'm a little disappointed in my performance," showcasing his competitive spirit and the expectations he places on himself.

He's fully aware of the challenges ahead, particularly with EVIL on the horizon, and promises, "I'm gonna have to do better."
Still basking in the aftermath of his victory, Kingston seized the moment to express his desire for a rematch with Takagi.

The Mad King took the opportunity to reach out to his boss, Tony Khan, hoping to see a rematch booked for either AEW's All-In or All-Out events. "Shingo, I won't talk a lot of trash and try to sell tickets. This is a sport, so I'm going to treat it like a sport," Kingston declared, demonstrating his respect for his opponent.

He continued, "Thank you for the fight, and I hope we do it again. I'm praying, Tony Khan, I'll put you on the spot. Me and Shingo, All In or All Out...give us time. Me and Shingo will show the world strong style, King's Road combined." Kingston's call for a rematch is fueled by respect for his competitor and a desire to prove himself further. With such a powerful plea, fans around the world are likely eagerly awaiting Khan's response.

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