Road Dogg Pits New Age Outlaws vs. Dudley Boyz in WWE


Road Dogg Pits New Age Outlaws vs. Dudley Boyz in WWE

In a recent installment of the WWE fan Q&A segment "Ask Dogg Anything," celebrated WWE Hall of Famer "Road Dogg" Jesse James engaged in a lively debate over the pinnacle of tag team wrestling supremacy. Given a choice between The Road Warriors, The New Age Outlaws, and The Dudley Boyz, James found himself torn.

Inevitably, James' personal bias shone through in favor of his partnership with Billy Gunn as The New Age Outlaws. Despite this, he gracefully acknowledged the legendary prowess of Hawk and Animal, The Road Warriors, who were the first tag team to headline pay-per-view events during the late '80s.

"When asked to make a choice, I find myself in a difficult position," admitted James. "If I were to pick anyone other than Billy and me, I'd feel disingenuous. However, choosing us may come off as arrogant, which isn't my intention at all." He further weighed in on the criteria to consider, "Whether we look at earnings, championship reigns, or other criteria, I have to concede— The L.O.D.

are likely the most significant in history. They probably made the most money."

Dudleyz: Unmatched Tag-Team Dominance

The discussion soon veered towards The Dudleyz, with James taking a moment to acknowledge his peers' achievements.

Bully Ray and D-Von Dudley hold the distinction of being the only team to bag WWE, WCW, NWA, TNA, and IWGP tag team championships during their illustrious careers. Paying tribute to their rivalry, James said, "The Dudleyz won many championships in different leagues.

However, Billy and I were a formidable team, and we held our own against the best." He added, "Anyone who has stepped into the ring with us will vouch for that. I have always had immense confidence in Billy, and I too, brought my unique strengths to our bouts." At present, 59-year-old Gunn continues to wrestle for the benefit of younger talents in AEW, while James, at 54, operates as the Executive Vice President of Live Events for WWE, a position he assumed from Jeff Jarrett the previous year.

As The Outlaws, their last in-ring battle was against The Ascension during the 2015 Royal Rumble, following their final WWE Tag Team Championship reign in 2014.

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