Seth Rollins Reflects on Shawn Michaels WWE Legacy & Personal Influence

Unveiling the motivational forces behind Seth Rollins' wrestling journey.

by Atia Mukhtar
Seth Rollins Reflects on Shawn Michaels WWE Legacy & Personal Influence

Reflecting on his influential journey in professional wrestling, Seth Rollins once again underlines the profound impact Shawn Michaels had on his career and life. Over the years, Rollins has not shied away from sharing his admiration for Michaels, crediting him as a significant reason behind his stepping into the wrestling ring.

Following a captivating match against Bron Breakker in WWE NXT last month, an emotional backstage moment shared between Rollins and Michaels was caught on camera. Speaking about this, Rollins expressed how this moment was symbolic of his personal journey in the industry, crediting Michaels for not just his professional trajectory, but also his personal life, including meeting his wife and having a child.

Rollins' Inspirations: Michaels & Hart

In a recent "Out of Character" interview, Rollins opened up about how the larger-than-life figures like Hulk Hogan, Ultimate Warrior, and André the Giant of his childhood seemed unreachable.

It was Michaels, along with Bret Hart, who presented a more relatable figure, inspiring Rollins to believe that he too could make it big in the wrestling world without being a gigantic figure. The respect he's earned from Michaels, particularly in terms of his character and performance, is a source of immense pride for Rollins.

Now, as life goes full circle, Rollins is becoming a source of inspiration for the newer generation, mirroring the role Michaels played for him. When asked about his realization of this status, Rollins candidly admitted that he still feels like a work in progress, constantly learning from his experiences and frequently making mistakes.

In his interactions with Michaels, Rollins shared his belief that Michaels may not fully comprehend the colossal impact he's had on a generation of wrestlers, including himself. Rollins, alongside many others, emulates styles influenced by Michaels, Hart, and Eddie Guerrero.

To conclude the interview, Rollins was asked about the least favorite move he's been on the receiving end of. He identified Kevin Owens' popup powerbomb as one of the worst due to its high velocity and intense impact. He also mentioned Damian Priest's chokeslam, indicating a clear aversion to moves involving significant height and the ensuing fall.

His humorous yet honest reflection on these wrestling maneuvers provides a lighthearted end to a deeply insightful interview.

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