Grayson Waller Admires Now-Opponents on WWE SmackDown


Grayson Waller Admires Now-Opponents on WWE SmackDown
Grayson Waller Admires Now-Opponents on WWE SmackDown

The rise of Grayson Waller to fame on "WWE SmackDown" has been nothing short of meteoric. This Australian superstar, known for his brash demeanor and riveting talk show, 'The Grayson Waller Effect', has swiftly found his footing on the popular Friday night show.

This comes on the back of an exciting stint on "WWE NXT," where he quickly established himself as one of the leading antagonists despite having participated in only one main roster match to date. Before his triumphant move to the main roster, Waller's career intertwined with legendary figures from the world of professional wrestling on "NXT".

During an interview on "WWE The Bump", he candidly opened up about the surreal experience of sharing the stage with the wrestling heroes he idolized during his formative years.

Idols Shaping Waller's Journey

Reflecting on his past, Waller recalled, "I've spoken about this before – my favorite growing up was Shawn Michaels.

It's such a melancholic situation given everything that unfolded on 'NXT'" His voice filled with respect, he added, "Regardless, I continue to admire Shawn and his accomplishments. He played a key role in preparing me for my move to the main roster, ensuring that I was ready for the challenges that lay ahead." His admiration wasn't limited to Michaels alone.

AJ Styles was another name Waller held in high esteem. Commenting on the progression of his career, he stated, "I think, as a kid, I expressed online this week something about your idols becoming your rivals. That appears to be my reality now - the very people I admired are now those who bear the most animosity towards me." Waller's rapid ascent and his unique narrative embody the unpredictable and thrilling world of WWE.

As he continues to carve his niche in this tumultuous landscape, one thing is certain: the line between idolatry and rivalry has never been more blurred. With this newfound status, Waller stands ready to face any challenge that comes his way, no matter how personal it may become.

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