Kurt Angle Key Tweak for TNA's Main Event Mafia


Kurt Angle Key Tweak for TNA's Main Event Mafia
Kurt Angle Key Tweak for TNA's Main Event Mafia

During its reign from October 2008 to October 2009, the Main Event Mafia left an indelible mark on TNA Wrestling. Led by wrestling icons Kurt Angle, Sting, Kevin Nash, Booker T, and Scott Steiner, the dominant faction made waves in the promotion.

However, despite their impact, the group's tenure fell short of what it could have achieved. Both Nash and Angle have expressed their belief that the Main Event Mafia could have been even more significant, with Nash pointing fingers at management, and Angle reflecting on missed opportunities.

Recently, Angle shed light on a potential key ingredient that could have taken the group to greater heights.

Angle's Regret: Missing Christian's Addition

During an episode of "The Kurt Angle Show," Angle confessed, "You know what? The only other thing I might have changed was adding another character, another wrestler, and that would be Christian." He acknowledged Christian Cage's previous success as a World Champion and his extensive tag team accolades during his tenure in WWE.

While Christian did briefly join the Main Event Mafia for a mere five days in November, his stint was cut short when the group turned against him, and he eventually returned to WWE in early 2009. Angle's co-host, Paul Bromwell, suggested that Christian could have served as the youthful addition to the faction, and Angle readily agreed.

"Yes, he would've been. He would've been the youngest guy," Angle concurred. "And I think he would be the guy that we were trying to train to be one of us." The inclusion of Christian Cage as a permanent member of the Main Event Mafia could have brought a fresh dynamic to the group.

As a talented and accomplished wrestler, Christian had already proven himself in the industry, boasting an impressive championship resume. His addition would have added a new layer of excitement and potential for the faction.

Not only would he have brought his own unique skills and charisma to the table, but he could have also been mentored by the seasoned veterans, learning from their vast experience and further honing his craft. While the Main Event Mafia left a lasting legacy in TNA Wrestling, Kurt Angle's revelation highlights the potential for an even more formidable faction had Christian Cage been a permanent fixture.

Although the opportunity for such an alliance may have passed, fans can still ponder the what-ifs and appreciate the incredible impact that the Main Event Mafia had during its brief yet impactful run.

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