Update on Mercedes Moné's Injury, Behind the Scenes at Slammiversary


Update on Mercedes Moné's Injury, Behind the Scenes at Slammiversary

Mercedes Moné, an acclaimed wrestling star, has been temporarily sidelined due to a debilitating injury. While her absence from the ring disappoints many fans, Moné recently supported her friend, Trinity, during the Slammiversary event.

Moné's injury occurred roughly two months ago during a high-stakes wrestling match against Willow Nightingale. This match was set to determine the inaugural New Japan Pro Wrestling (NJPW) Strong Women's Champion, with Moné anticipated to secure the win.

However, fate had other plans, as she sustained a severe ankle injury during the bout that forced a sudden change in the match's outcome. The outcome saw Nightingale crowned as the first NJPW Strong Women's Champion. The severity of Moné's ankle injury necessitated surgical intervention, prompting many to speculate that it might be a fracture or an extreme sprain.

Her continued absence from the wrestling scene is a testament to the gravity of her injury.

Moné Supports Trinity at Slammiversary

Moné appeared at the Slammiversary event in Windsor, Ontario, Canada, despite her predicament.

Here, she witnessed her close friend and former WWE Tag Team Championship partner, Trinity, clinch the IMPACT Wrestling Knockouts Title for the first time. This heartwarming moment was captured and shared via a tweet by Trinity, featuring WWE's Tamina, who was there to share in the celebration.

Looking ahead to Moné's future, renowned wrestling commentator, Dave Meltzer, provided some insight. According to Meltzer, Moné has been relatively quiet about her situation. She was spotted at the Slammiversary event on crutches, with a walking boot for support.

There has been no official statement about when she might return to the wrestling ring. Meltzer revealed that once Moné is fit to return, she is slated to wrestle Giulia, who recently won the NJPW Strong Championship from Willow Nightingale on July 5th.

If all goes well, Giulia will make her first defense of the NJPW Strong Championship against Moné on August 19th in Philadelphia. However, with Moné still on crutches and no specific recovery timeline, her return remains a mystery to fans and fellow athletes alike.

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