Zachary Wentz Names Grizzled Young Veterans as Top Tag Team (Dyad)

Zachary Wentz praises Grizzled Young Veterans' tag team prowess.

by Noman Rasool
Zachary Wentz Names Grizzled Young Veterans as Top Tag Team (Dyad)

In a recent interaction with PW Mania, Zachary Wentz, a key figure in the world of professional wrestling, expressed his admiration for the Grizzled Young Veterans, also known as The Dyad. This formidable duo comprises Zack Gibson and James Drake, who once held the prestigious NXT U.K.

tag team championship. "Bar none; GYV is my favorite tag team. They are the lads, the boys. They are simply extraordinary, or should I say The Dyad? Indeed, those guys are top-notch," Wentz declared. He didn't stop dubbing the duo one of the best tag teams ever.

Zachary also stressed the fact that the duo's intelligence for wrestling was something that truly fascinated him. Wentz said how they orchestrated tag team wrestling was nothing short of a masterstroke. Their unique approach was a great learning experience for him at NXT.

Implications of The Dyad's Potential WWE Departure

In addition to The Dyad, Wentz also mentioned Legado Del Fantasma, another promising tag team, labeling them "beautiful." The Dyad has been making headlines recently due to their request to leave WWE, a proposal hanging in the air for a while now.

Addressing this scenario, Wentz said, "If they (The Dyad) decide to leave WWE, IMPACT should waste no time getting them on board. Please, please, please, I can't stress this enough." Zachary Wentz's enthusiasm is palpable when discussing potentially sharing the ring with them again.

He further elucidated, "The new dynamic of The Rascalz is thrilling. It was an experience wrestling The Dyad with Wes Lee, or Dez as some prefer. However, now I'm keen on battling them alongside Trey Miguel." According to Wentz, although they're a unit, The Rascalz's characteristics could synergize differently with The Dyad, creating a whole new spectrum of exhilarating match-ups.

He sees this as an opportunity to create more magic in the ring, echoing his passion for the sport and respect for the duo.

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