Saraya sets sights on championship glory at AEW All In next month


Saraya sets sights on championship glory at AEW All In next month

In a recent interview with Alex McCarthy from Inside The Ropes, AEW superstar Saraya made her intentions clear: she wants to fight for the AEW Women's Championship at the highly anticipated All In London event, set to take place next month at the iconic Wembley Stadium.

Fueled by her ambition and determination, Saraya aims to establish herself as the champion in her potential crossover to the rival promotion.
Saraya asserted her competitive spirit, saying, "I can't go into another company without becoming the champ—so Jamie Hayter's next.

I would love to have a Wembley match for a championship. I would love to win the championship off Jamie or have a friendly one with Toni." Her words echo a desire to secure a high-stakes match on a grand stage, aiming for championship glory.

Alliance Tested: Saraya Contemplates AEW Championship Clash

Currently, the AEW Women's Championship is held by Toni Storm, who clinched the title from Jamie Hayter at the electrifying Double or Nothing event. Saraya, who shares stable-mates status with Storm in the Outcasts, speculates on a potential showdown with her ally-turned-rival.

Contemplating this scenario, she ponders how a match against Storm would unfold, expressing admiration for her while maintaining her resolve. "Hopefully, we can just lay down and let it be easy like that. I don't want to have to fight-fight her.

I would hate to fight-fight Toni. She's wonderful. But I'm ready to take all the championships. I'm ready to take them all," Saraya affirms, displaying her competitive drive and willingness to face any challenge that comes her way.

Her determination shines through as Saraya sets her sights on the AEW Women's Championship. With the upcoming All In London event providing the perfect platform, she aims to make a definitive statement by capturing the prestigious title.

Should Saraya secure a match against Toni Storm or Jamie Hayter, the stage will be set for an intense battle, pitting stable-mates against each other in a high-stakes clash for championship gold. Fans eagerly anticipate the unfolding events as Saraya's quest for dominance and championship glory adds an intriguing dynamic to the AEW Women's Division.

All eyes will be on Wembley Stadium next month, where Saraya's championship aspirations will take center stage, potentially altering the landscape of AEW and solidifying her position as a formidable force in the world of professional wrestling.

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