McIntyre on Wanting a Match with AJ Styles

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McIntyre on Wanting a Match with AJ Styles

Drew McIntyre is one of the meanest and toughest looking wrestlers of the WWE. He spoke to News18 that is a news outlet in India. The outlet asked him about whether he prefers being a bad guy. "I don't really see myself as one," McIntyre said.

"I think I have always got a point. Everybody else doesn't necessarily agree with it. It is 2019 - I don't really care whether I am looked as the bad guy or the good guy. The crowd are booing or cheering, as long as they are making noise, I don't care.

I stand by with conviction with what I am saying." The Outlet also asked about the idea of a McIntyre vs. AJ Styles match. AJ Styles and Drew are now part of the same roster and are WWE’s top guys. Drew is currently the heavy favorite to win the Money in The Bank Ladder Match.

About the AJ Styles match, he said: "Absolutely! I have never had a match with AJ Styles," McIntyre said. "When I went to Impact Wrestling, he had just left. In the independent scene, we were trying to set up the match but that never quite happened.

So, we just kept missing each other. When I came back to Raw, he was on Smackdown. Now, we are finally on the same show. When I first started wrestling, like 18 years ago, it was guys like AJ, Christopher Daniels and Samoa Joe."