Latest WWE Rumors: New Wyatt Family Formation Plans


Latest WWE Rumors: New Wyatt Family Formation Plans
Latest WWE Rumors: New Wyatt Family Formation Plans

Before Bray Wyatt's untimely exit from WWE TV, mysterious allusions foreshadowed the former WWE Universal Champion leading an eccentric assembly of anthropomorphic puppets. Evidence of this became particularly notable during Wyatt's shadowy duel with LA Knight at the Royal Rumble in January.

The current understanding is that these peculiar plans trace back to 2019, almost signaling the formation of a reimagined Wyatt Family in 2023. The latest revelations from Fightful Select suggest that Paul Heyman had originally proposed a concept wherein wrestlers like Eric Young and Mike Bennett would assume roles as "Firefly Funhouse" supporting characters.

This proposal surfaced in 2019, a year before both these talents were discharged, with Wyatt's exit following thereafter. Information on Young's proposed character remains a mystery, yet it is believed Bennett was slated to incarnate Sister Abigail.

In Wyatt's 2017 face-off with Finn Balor, he was initially intended to be haunted by Abigail's spirit, but illness cut that narrative short.

Wyatt's Comeback: Derailed Plans

The original pitch by Heyman didn't garner approval, however, with Wyatt's 2020 comeback, the concept appeared closer to fruition.

Reliable sources suggest WWE had solid plans for Young, who recommitted to the company in November, to align with Wyatt post-WrestleMania. Alas, Wyatt's health issues presented an unforeseen obstacle, causing a halt in these plans.

Consequently, Young sought his release, citing a lack of enthusiasm to collaborate with Vince McMahon following WWE's union with UFC. His departure occurred in April, precisely when his new persona was scheduled for introduction.

Additionally, Fightful confirms the proposition for Alexa Bliss to reunite with Wyatt, which seemed obvious from her January storyline, but her subsequent pregnancy and maternity leave further complicated matters. Thus, between Wyatt's ailment and Bliss's personal developments, the ambitious plan of a fresh Wyatt Family remained unfulfilled, leaving fans to ponder what could have been.

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