Kevin Nash Blunt Response: "Who the F*** is LA Knight?"


Kevin Nash Blunt Response: "Who the F*** is LA Knight?"

Kevin Nash, a prominent figure in the world of professional wrestling, recently sparked controversy with his comments about WWE star LA Knight. Initially, Nash compared Knight to The Rock, implying that Knight was a mere imitation.

However, it appears that Nash has since reconsidered his stance and now expresses a more favorable opinion of Knight's abilities. During a recent episode of "Kliq This," Nash opened up about his shift in perspective after watching some clips of Knight's matches.

He acknowledged Knight as a talented performer, emphasizing the importance of his impactful finishing moves and his consistent attention to the safety of his opponents. Nash even went so far as to contemplate the possibility of having a match with Knight during his prime, expressing confidence in their potential chemistry in the ring.

Nash clarified that he never intended to belittle Knight, as he had not been aware of his prior persona as Eli Drake in Impact Wrestling, nor had he witnessed Knight's stint in NXT.

LA Knight's Resurgence and Unfamiliarity

In recent times, LA Knight has been gaining momentum and garnering increased fan support since reclaiming his original name and character under the guidance of Paul Levesque.

Notably, Knight received an overwhelmingly positive response from the audience at WWE Money in the Bank in London, and he is currently participating in a tournament to determine the next contender for the United States Championship on "WWE SmackDown." Nash attributed his lack of familiarity with Knight to his limited viewership of the show, confessing that he hadn't been aware of Knight's presence on it.

Taking accountability for his previous remarks, Nash candidly admitted, "I didn't know who the f*** you were, and I apologize." This gesture reflects his newfound respect for Knight's abilities and acknowledges the impact Knight has made on the WWE stage.

As fans continue to witness LA Knight's rise in popularity, it remains to be seen how this newfound endorsement from Kevin Nash will affect Knight's trajectory in the WWE. Nevertheless, Nash's change of heart serves as a reminder that perceptions in the wrestling industry can evolve, highlighting the importance of giving performers an opportunity to prove their worth in the ring.

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