Paul London criticizes Matt Hardy for failing to visit an injured WWE star


Paul London criticizes Matt Hardy for failing to visit an injured WWE star

In a recent interview with Nick Hausman for Inside The Ropes, Paul London strongly criticized Matt Hardy for failing to visit Joey Mercury in the hospital after a regrettable incident during their match at Armageddon in 2006.

During the match, London and his partner Brian Kendrick defended their Tag Team Championships against The Hardy Boys, MNM, William Regal, and Dave Taylor. However, the game is primarily remembered for a spot gone wrong, resulting in Mercury sustaining significant injuries, including a broken nose, orbital bone, and needing over 30 stitches.

London vividly recalled the moment of shock when he saw Mercury bleeding profusely and had no prior knowledge of the planned spot. He expressed disbelief and frustration, questioning the rationale behind such a hazardous move and mocking the decision-making process with sarcasm.

However, London's discontent didn't stop there. He criticized The Hardy Boys, labeling them "backyards" and attributing the controversial spot to their impulsive creativity, detached from the overall match strategy.

Hardy's Hospital Visit Ignored

Adding fuel to the fire, London pointed out that Matt Hardy, the mastermind behind the ill-fated spot, was the only participant who did not visit Mercury in the hospital following the match.

London expressed his disappointment with Hardy's lack of empathy, emphasizing the importance of supporting a co-worker, especially in a distressing situation where Mercury's eye was at risk. The partnership of London and Kendrick as Tag Team Champions showcased remarkable resilience, maintaining their reign for an impressive 331 days.

Their unmatched record remained unchallenged for nearly a decade until The New Day's triumphant run in 2016, marking a shift in the tag team landscape. Their longevity and skill solidified their status as true champions in the world of professional wrestling.

London's scathing criticism of Matt Hardy centers around his alleged role in devising a dangerous spot that led to severe injuries and his failure to demonstrate essential compassion by visiting the hospitalized Mercury.

London's frustration highlights the importance of professionalism, concern for fellow wrestlers' well-being, and the potential consequences of reckless decisions in the ring.

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