Matt Hardy shares his experience working for Tony Khan


Matt Hardy shares his experience working for Tony Khan
Matt Hardy shares his experience working for Tony Khan

Matt Hardy recently shared his thoughts on his relationship with Tony Khan, the President of All Elite Wrestling (AEW). With almost three decades of experience in the industry, Hardy has worked for various promotions worldwide, including a significant tenure under Vince McMahon in WWE.

In a recent interview with Alex McCarthy in the Daily Mail, he spoke highly of Khan, describing him as an "amazing human being" and expressing his admiration for working with him. According to Hardy, Tony Khan is not only a fair boss but also values the talent of AEW as human beings.

Comparing his experience with Khan to his time in WWE, where he often felt like a small cog in a giant machine, Hardy emphasized the importance of being treated as a human rather than just a piece of the puzzle. Unlike other promotions, where talents are used and replaced without much consideration, Khan takes a different approach.

Hardy shared that if he is not scheduled for a pay-per-view event or other shows, Khan encourages him to spend time with his family, acknowledging the significance of personal lives outside of work. Additionally, Khan allows AEW talent to engage in outside activities such as autograph sessions, conventions, and appearances at indie shows.

Hardy praised Khan's generosity, fairness, and desire for what is best for the talent of both performers and individuals. This freedom to explore opportunities beyond AEW showcases Khan's support for his employees' personal growth and success.

Hardy's Loyalty and AEW Satisfaction

While Hardy is now content in AEW, he did mention that if Triple H had been in charge of WWE when he departed, he might have chosen to stay. This remark demonstrates that Hardy values the relationship and leadership qualities of those he works with, and it further highlights his satisfaction in being part of AEW under Tony Khan's guidance.

Matt Hardy's experiences working with Tony Khan in AEW have been overwhelmingly positive. Khan's fair treatment, value for talent as human beings, and support for personal lives outside of wrestling have left a lasting impression on Hardy.

His words paint a picture of a compassionate and considerate leader who strives for the best interests of his employees, making AEW a welcoming environment for both professional growth and personal fulfillment.

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