Rob Van Dam Reasons Against Becoming a Wrestling Trainer or Agent


Rob Van Dam Reasons Against Becoming a Wrestling Trainer or Agent

Rob Van Dam, a seasoned veteran with over three decades of experience in the professional wrestling industry, may seem like an ideal candidate for a backstage producer or a wrestling trainer. However, it appears that he harbors little interest in pursuing either of these roles.

During a recent episode of "1 Of A Kind," RVD candidly shared his experiences with wrestling agents, recounting a particular story involving his collaboration with Terry Taylor during his tenure in WWE. While he now holds Taylor in high regard, this encounter seems to have contributed to his reluctance to take on such a position himself.

RVD's View on Wrestling Agents

Expressing his perspective, RVD stated, "When I think of the agents, and I don't mean to insult any, but just from my subjective viewpoint, they seemed kind of like stooges to me as talent." He elaborated, explaining that agents often appeared apprehensive about their job security and made decisions based on their desire to please Vince McMahon.

Their objective was to be on the winning side of any debate and assign the best matches of the night, which, RVD acknowledges, is a subjective matter. While he acknowledges the importance of the role, he remains unsure if it would be a suitable fit for him.

However, it is not only the role of an agent that fails to capture the interest of the WWE Hall of Famer; being a wrestling trainer seems even less appealing to him. RVD admitted, "I don't think I have the patience to be a trainer." He expressed frustration at having to repeatedly instruct someone on the same matter, only to witness them repeatedly disregarding his guidance.

Feeling exasperated, he stated, "I told you not to do that. Why do you keep doing that? I'm done." RVD's impatience with training becomes evident as he metaphorically compares it to repeatedly banging his head against a wall.

Furthermore, he confessed that he unintentionally harms people while training them, further complicating his suitability for the role. In conclusion, despite his vast experience and invaluable insights into the world of professional wrestling, Rob Van Dam has expressed reservations about assuming the positions of a wrestling trainer or agent.

Whether due to his perceptions of agents as "stooges" or his lack of patience and inadvertent tendency to cause harm during training, it seems that RVD's passion lies elsewhere within the realm of wrestling.

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