Former WWE Star Accuses CM Punk of Being a 'Self-Hype Machine'

Former WWE Tag Team Champion opens up about CM Punk.

by Atia Mukhtar
Former WWE Star Accuses CM Punk of Being a 'Self-Hype Machine'

CM Punk, renowned for his controversial persona in the wrestling world, finds himself facing criticism from former WWE Tag Team Champion Paul London, who labeled him a "self-hype machine." London, reflecting on his brief encounters with Punk during their time together in TNA in the early 2000s, shared his perspective on an incident involving Punk and Teddy Hart, suggesting that Hart had the upper hand in their altercation.

Recalling the incident, London shared details he had heard from fellow wrestler Michael Shane, who described Punk making provocative comments that led to Hart taking him down and engaging in a physical confrontation. According to London, the prevailing accounts of the incident indicate that Punk did not gain the upper hand over Hart.

CM Punk's Self-Assured Stardom

Expanding on his viewpoint, London characterized CM Punk as someone who is overly self-assured and seeks attention. Despite this critique, he commended Punk's success in professional wrestling, acknowledging his rise to stardom and his proficiency as a talker in the industry.

London also recounted an encounter with Punk backstage at an ROH show while London was under contract with WWE. London claimed that many people expressed their disdain for Punk, labeling him "the worst" and comparing him to Triple H due to his alleged backstage politics and difficult demeanor.

During this incident, Punk approached London and shook his hand, albeit in an insincere manner, leaving London perplexed and questioning the motives behind Punk's behavior. Paul London's remarks shed light on his observations and interactions with CM Punk, highlighting both the controversial incident with Teddy Hart and the backstage encounter at an ROH show.

While London expressed his reservations about Punk's personality, he acknowledged Punk's undeniable impact on the wrestling industry and his talent as an entertainer. CM Punk's polarizing persona continues to fuel discussions among wrestling enthusiasts, and his return to AEW has only reignited the debate surrounding his character and influence in the sport.

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