Logan Paul Seeks Opening Slot at WWE SummerSlam to Attend Brother's Bout


Logan Paul Seeks Opening Slot at WWE SummerSlam to Attend Brother's Bout

While the news is not yet official, internet sensation Logan Paul has not only confirmed his participation in the WWE SummerSlam scheduled for August 5 but also requested a specific arrangement surrounding his appearance.

During a recent episode of his "Impulsive" podcast, Paul unveiled his request to the WWE. He has asked the wrestling organization to schedule his match—rumored to be against the formidable Ricochet—as the opening bout of the SummerSlam event.

The impetus behind this unusual request is a familial commitment: Paul hopes to witness his brother, Jake, go toe-to-toe with Nate Diaz in a professional boxing match scheduled for the same night in Dallas, Texas.

"Logan's Ambitious Double-Bill Plan"

"My game plan is to wrap up my match and immediately jet off to Dallas in my wrestling attire, join my brother ringside for his fight against Nate Diaz," disclosed Logan.

"It's an ambitious endeavor, and I'm not sure I'll make it. But imagine if I do, arriving just as the first round of Jake Paul versus Nate Diaz kicks off. It's a stretch, but wouldn't that be spectacular?" Given that SummerSlam is set to take place in Detroit, Michigan, Paul calculates that a quick flight to Dallas would take roughly two and a half hours.

The advantage of crossing into the central time zone, where the clock rolls back an hour, gives him a sliver of hope. Based on his arithmetic, it seems "barely doable" for him to touchdown in Dallas and make it to the American Airlines Center in time for Jake's match.

This particular fight holds even more significance, marking Diaz's debut in professional boxing. As Logan eagerly awaits the WWE's response to his request, he remains focused on his upcoming clash with Ricochet in the next episode of "Raw." This eventful day, blending the worlds of wrestling and boxing, promises an adrenaline-fueled spectacle for sports enthusiasts worldwide.

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