Dominik Mysterio's North American Title Victory Catapults WWE NXT Ratings

Exciting developments unfold as WWE NXT experiences a surge.

by Noman Rasool
Dominik Mysterio's North American Title Victory Catapults WWE NXT Ratings

Following a lukewarm rating during the Independence Day holiday week, WWE NXT made a triumphant return to its recent upward trend in viewership with a captivating episode centered around "The Judgment Day." The night's highlight was Dominik Mysterio's highly anticipated return, as he challenged Wes Lee for the prestigious North American Title.

The outcome saw the young phenom, affectionately known as "Dom Dom," emerge victorious, capturing the hearts of fans and the championship belt. The question on everyone's minds: How did this eventful show fare in terms of viewership?

NXT's Dominik Mysterio Sparks Impressive Viewership Surge

According to reliable sources like Wrestlenomics, both on their Twitter and Patreon platforms, the July 18th edition of "NXT" averaged an impressive 746,000 viewers throughout its two-hour duration, marking a remarkable 11 percent increase from the previous week.

Of these viewers, approximately 279,000 fell within the coveted 18 to 49 age demographic—a crucial target for advertisers—which saw a significant nine percent surge from the preceding week. The P18-49 rating translates to a commendable 0.21, positioning the show firmly among cable programming for this time of year.

While comparative ranking data remains unavailable at the time of this report, NXT would likely secure a spot within the top five cable programs of the day. Delving deeper into the comprehensive viewership analysis provided by Wrestlenomics Patreon, it becomes evident that NXT excelled across various demographics, surpassing the median figures of the previous four weeks.

Eight out of the eleven tracked demographics showcased increases above the ten-percent margin of error reported by Nielsen. Notably, the 35 to 49 age groups experienced the most significant percentage changes, with men registering an impressive 28 percent surge.

In contrast, both women and the overall age group exhibited a notable 27 percent increase. It is worth noting that the pinnacle of viewership was reached during the electrifying Lee-Mysterio main event, captivating fans across the board.

However, comprehensive quarter-hour data regarding viewership patterns during the show is yet to be available. Nevertheless, the positive momentum observed throughout the night, along with the strong viewership figures and upward trends in key demographics, underscores the success of Dominik Mysterio's North American Title triumph in captivating the WWE NXT audience.

As WWE enthusiasts eagerly await the subsequent developments and thrilling matchups within the NXT realm, it is clear that the brand's resurgence in viewership and the captivating performances of talented superstars like Dominik Mysterio will continue to be key driving forces in the promotion's ongoing success.

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