Bully Ray: WWE Universe Emotionally Invested in Babyface Cody Rhodes

WWE Hall of Famer, Bully Ray, shares insight on Rhodes.

by Atia Mukhtar
Bully Ray: WWE Universe Emotionally Invested in Babyface Cody Rhodes

Cody Rhodes, one of the most cherished and commercially successful WWE superstars, may be on the brink of an even greater ascent, according to WWE Hall of Famer Bully Ray. On "Busted Open", a popular wrestling show, Bully Ray engaged in a detailed analysis of the emotional connection between Rhodes, also known as "The American Nightmare", and the WWE Universe.

His assessment indicates that Rhodes has secured a noteworthy emotional investment score of 9.0 out of 10. As Rhodes cultivates his wrestling empire, he simultaneously nurtures the affection of WWE fans. This connection is particularly apparent in his ring entrance rituals, like offering his weight belt to a young spectator.

Ray suggests that such interactions fuel fan attachment, spurring families to buy tickets to WWE events.

Ray's Strategy Boosts Rhodes' Engagement

However, Ray posits an intriguing strategy that could potentially bolster fan engagement with Rhodes to an unprecedented degree.

"Cody's popularity has skyrocketed to the point that I would have been thrilled to see a fan jump the rail last night in an attempt to defend him," Bully Ray commented. He hinted at this being a planned segment, emphasizing the depth of dedication a fan must have to risk legal consequences, potential injury, and the possibility of confronting a formidable character like Brock Lesnar to protect a beloved babyface like Rhodes.

This idea gained momentum during Monday's "WWE Raw" episode, where Rhodes found himself at the receiving end of a savage attack from "The Beast" Brock Lesnar, following a challenge for a SummerSlam showdown. Bully Ray argues that had a fan rushed to Rhodes' aid, it would've been an impactful visual narrative, amplified further by the presence of an "unlikely hero", perhaps commentator Corey Graves, escorting the fan out of the venue.

He concluded, "It just adds another dimension, demonstrating that a fan is ready to risk it all for Cody." In Bully Ray's view, such dramatic acts of loyalty further solidify the emotional investment fans have in Cody Rhodes, accentuating his charisma and magnifying his WWE persona.

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