Tommy Dreamer Envisions Dominik Mysterio as NXT North American Champion

Unexpected win brings new promise to WWE's NXT platform.

by Atia Mukhtar
Tommy Dreamer Envisions Dominik Mysterio as NXT North American Champion

WWE enthusiasts witnessed a thrilling spectacle as Dominik Mysterio secured his first-ever individual title last evening, overcoming Wes Lee for the WWE NXT North American Championship. This unexpected victory sent waves of surprise among fans across the globe.

On the widely acclaimed Busted Open Radio, legendary wrestling figure Tommy Dreamer divulged his expectations for Mysterio's journey as the newly crowned North American Champion. His hopes for Mysterio's reign ride high, especially regarding his possible appearances and storyline development on the 'WWE Raw.'

"I fervently hope they narrate the story behind his surprise victory on 'WWE Raw,' showcasing thrilling highlights of the match," stated Dreamer. "He can perform on the main roster, face defeat, but it wouldn't dent his standing as the 'NXT' Champion.

Dominik, undoubtedly, has attracted substantial attention in the WWE universe. Consequently, fans would pay good money to see his challengers give him a run for his money. If his contender emerges from 'NXT', it will not only enhance the prestige of the platform but also the title itself."

Dreamer Applauds Mysterio's Progress

Dreamer lavished praise on Mysterio for his commendable ability to draw impassioned reactions from the WWE crowd, particularly in recent times.

According to the ECW stalwart, Dominik, the scion of the renowned Rey Mysterio Jr., has promising prospects ahead given his impressive performances with The Judgment Day, ever since his dramatic heel turn at the previous year's WWE Clash at the Castle.

"Dominik emerged as a surprise package within The Judgment Day," Dreamer elaborated. "The entire group has stepped up their game. We've seen a completely revitalized Rhea Ripley since her promotion, Damian Priest is teetering on the brink of greatness, and Finn Balor could easily reign as the 'Raw' supremo with this title.

The group's popularity is soaring, as is evident. Dominik initially needed The Judgment Day, but in any successful faction, everyone plays a crucial role." Before Mysterio's triumphant outing last night, the championship belt had been with Lee since October. This marked Mysterio's second-ever match on "NXT," his maiden bout being against Raul Mendoza in March 2022.

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