Cody Rhodes & Seth Rollins Battle for Face of Monday Night Raw


Cody Rhodes & Seth Rollins Battle for Face of Monday Night Raw

In a recent riveting dialogue with Denise Salcedo from Instinct Culture, famed professional wrestler Cody Rhodes dived deep into the evolving landscape of the wrestling world. Reflecting on the intense dynamics shaping the industry, he shared his profound insights on the trials and triumphs wrestlers face today.

Furthermore, he opened up about the cutthroat competition that is becoming increasingly defining in the field. Rhodes candidly brought to light the challenges and the exhilaration that come with navigating such a rapidly changing, fierce domain.

The Battle for Supremacy

Rhodes started by noting the heightened intensity of competition in this golden era of professional wrestling. The challenge, as he sees it, lies in the constant presence of other highly talented individuals who are eager to claim your position and, at times, successfully do so.

In his words, "One of the biggest challenges is you're flanked by other guys and girls who could be in your spot and maybe are in your spot, and then you get it back." But Rhodes doesn't view this as a negative aspect. Instead, he suggests that the internal politics once prevalent in the entertainment business have significantly reduced, thanks to the mature and professional ethos displayed by the current roster of performers.

Rhodes then discussed how the established talents have evolved since their initial breakthroughs. The 'American Nightmare' mentioned prominent figures such as Charlotte Flair, Kevin Owens, and Seth Rollins, explaining how each had reinvented themselves to become more robust and nuanced performers.

"Charlotte Flair is not NXT Charlotte. Seth Rollins is not The Shield Seth. Kevin Owens is not ROH Kevin Owens. They've experienced it, they've felt live crowds, they've understood booking, they've understood turning over money, everything, they've understood it, and now we're all together," Cody shared.

In an industry fueled by competition, Cody Rhodes offers a refreshing perspective. His acknowledgment of his fellow performers' skills and his relentless strive for excellence exemplifies the spirit of professional wrestling.

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