WWE Legend vs. Ryback: Challenge Accepted!


WWE Legend vs. Ryback: Challenge Accepted!

WWE Legend Booker T has recently responded to a challenge issued by former WWE Superstar Ryback, indicating his willingness to step into the ring with the outspoken wrestler. The exchange between the two originated from Ryback's constant criticism of Vince McMahon and the WWE, which drew the ire of Booker T.

The heated exchange took place on social media, with Booker T labeling Ryback as "classless" and dismissing any notion that AEW, a rival wrestling promotion, would have any interest in him. During a recent episode of The Hall of Fame podcast, Booker T made his position clear, stating, "Ryback put a challenge out to me for a fight.

He said a Bellator fight. Look, Bellator don't want no parts of a fight between Booker T [and Ryback]. Reality of Wrestling might put something on like that, but no real big organization is going to do anything like that, but as far as the challenge goes, I accept Ryback's challenge to a fight".

Booker T's Acceptance and Confusion

Booker T, who currently runs the Reality of Wrestling (ROW) promotion based in Houston, Texas, expressed his willingness to host the match at one of his events. However, he clarified that major organizations like Bellator are unlikely to organize such a bout.

Despite his acceptance of the challenge, Booker T remains perplexed as to why Ryback specifically called him out. He explained that his previous refusal to shake Ryback's hand was based on some derogatory comments made by him.

Furthermore, Booker T clarified that his remarks about AEW were merely sarcastic in nature and not to be taken seriously. While Booker T and Ryback have crossed paths during their time in WWE, they never had an official match against each other.

Ryback, whose WWE contract expired in 2016, has since focused on building his own brand, Feed Me More Nutrition, and has become more active on social media. As wrestling fans eagerly await further developments, the possibility of seeing these two formidable figures collide inside the squared circle looms on the horizon.

Whether this face-off will materialize in Booker T's Reality of Wrestling promotion or elsewhere remains to be seen, but one thing is certain: the potential clash between these WWE personalities has captured the attention of fans and industry insiders alike.

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