Chelsea Green Path to WWE Women's Tag Team Championship

Overcoming countless setbacks, Chelsea Green finally achieves her dream.

by Atia Mukhtar
Chelsea Green Path to WWE Women's Tag Team Championship

After a protracted saga filled with multiple setbacks and numerous WWE firings, Chelsea Green, in partnership with Sonya Deville, triumphantly clinched the WWE Women's Tag Team Champions title on Monday night. Green's triumph, she states, wasn't easily achieved, but it's the fruit of sheer resilience and unwavering persistence.

Speaking on "Busted Open," Green unreservedly expressed her feelings about this much-anticipated victory. She underscored that the accomplishment was far from unexpected; instead, it was a natural outcome of nine grueling years of relentless hard work.

Notably, Green's victory didn't elicit a flood of emotion, but rather, a gratifying sense of redemption.

Green's Triumph Over Adversity

Green shared her journey, "I stood there after the match, thinking, 'Of course, I did it.'

I've been dismissed from WWE several times. I've been escorted off WWE property repeatedly during 'Tough Enough,' during trials, and countless other occasions. This championship is deserved because I made a significant impact outside of WWE and proved myself indispensable." Green's trek towards this victory had several formidable stumbling blocks.

She was initially eliminated from season six of "WWE Tough Enough," only to be later reinstated. After her reinstatement, she faced further rejection as she remained the only participant from that season not to be signed on.

Green refused to be deterred by this setback, and after her final tryout, her persistence was rewarded, and she was signed on by WWE in 2018. Once contracted, Green was directed to the WWE's "NXT" brand. Here, her journey was once again marred with hurdles, as she sustained two wrist injuries, one of which derailed her "SmackDown" debut.

This led to her subsequent release by WWE in April 2021. Undaunted, Green rebounded and made impressive appearances in GCW, Impact Wrestling, and the National Wrestling Alliance. Her commendable performances outside WWE eventually caught the attention of her former employers, and she was offered another contract.

Green's triumphant journey to the WWE Women's Tag Team Championship is an exemplary tale of determination, resilience, and unyielding faith in one's ability. It was her passion for wrestling and her indomitable spirit that finally earned her the championship she so richly deserved.

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