Shayna Baszler Confirms Real Issues with Ronda Rousey in WWE


Shayna Baszler Confirms Real Issues with Ronda Rousey in WWE
Shayna Baszler Confirms Real Issues with Ronda Rousey in WWE

In the lead up to a much-anticipated clash at the WWE's SummerSlam pay-per-view on August 5 in Detroit, Shayna Baszler has fired off some incendiary remarks about her real-life friend and now in-ring rival, Ronda Rousey. Despite their shared history and friendship, Baszler surprised fans by turning on Rousey during the Money in the Bank pay-per-view in London, where they were defending their WWE Women's Tag Team Championships.

Following the surprising betrayal, Baszler took to Monday Night Raw, revealing her frustration over Rousey's seemingly easy ascension to stardom. Baszler criticized Rousey, the former UFC Champion, for waltzing into the wrestling business, garnering fame while she, Baszler, was earning her stripes through relentless touring and working on the independent scene.

Fans Rally Behind Baszler's Authenticity

Interestingly, it seems that fans are rallying behind Baszler, often perceived as the instigator of this dispute. She delved into this during a recent appearance on WWE's The Bump, a program where wrestlers often stay in character.

Baszler noted that wrestling fans have a knack for spotting insincerity and are drawn to authenticity. She believes her outpouring of "legit and real talk" resonates with fans who share her sentiments about Rousey's WWE career.

Baszler mentioned, "Fans have been saying the same things I'm saying about Rousey since she was signed by WWE. It seems they're cheering for me because my words ring true. I'm just done biting my tongue." In a separate chat with Cheap Heat, Baszler revealed that it took Rousey's assertiveness to make their reign as women's tag champs possible.

Despite their numerous requests, it wasn't until Rousey stepped up and insisted that their demands were finally met. Their reign, however, only lasted a month. The usually overshadowed Baszler expressed her gratitude to Rousey for using her stature to elevate their team.

"Ronda could be headlining SummerSlam instead of this tag team match," Baszler said, pointing out that Rousey was elevating not just herself, but the titles as well. This intriguing dynamic sets the stage for a fierce showdown at SummerSlam, adding another layer of authenticity to their rivalry.

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