Shawn Michaels Weighs In on DX Running WWE


Shawn Michaels Weighs In on DX Running WWE
Shawn Michaels Weighs In on DX Running WWE

D-Generation X, a legendary stable known for their rebellious antics in the past, now has a profound influence on WWE's current product, with Triple H as WWE's Chief Content Officer, Shawn Michaels leading "WWE NXT," and "Road Dogg" Jesse James overseeing live events.

In a recent interview with "Sports Guys Talking Wrestling," Shawn Michaels reflected on the journey from their wild days as troublemakers to their current roles as seasoned professionals within the company. While the idea of trading in their iconic olive, black, and green apparel for suits may seem far-fetched, Michaels revealed that the members of DX always had a strong affinity for the creative aspect of the wrestling business, making their transition to corporate roles quite seamless.

"Even as degenerates back in the day, we had such a love and a passion for this stuff," Michaels admitted. He went on to explain that despite their rebellious and controversial side, there was a deep-rooted love and admiration for the business that fueled their actions.

Fostering Fun-Filled Growth in NXT

Now, the DX members have matured significantly while still retaining their inner childlike enthusiasm, which is highly appreciated by the current roster. According to Michaels, they aim to infuse "NXT" with a sense of fun and make it a memorable experience for the aspiring superstars.

He compared the developmental brand to a "college experience," where learning is crucial, but having fun and falling in love with the profession is equally important. Michaels' vision for "NXT" aligns with nurturing talent, preparing them for the main roster, and ensuring that the future of WWE's business remains bright.

As they continue to groom and mentor the next generation of WWE superstars, D-Generation X's impact on the company's success cannot be underestimated. In conclusion, the once rebellious and controversial DX members have seamlessly transitioned into corporate roles within WWE, bringing their passion for the business and a desire to make it a fun and fulfilling journey for all involved.

As Shawn Michaels leads "WWE NXT" with a focus on fostering talent and instilling a love for the profession, the legacy of D-Generation X lives on in WWE's current product and its promising future.

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