Matt Riddle Dreams of Rated RKBro Stable with Edge & Orton


Matt Riddle Dreams of Rated RKBro Stable with Edge & Orton

WWE sensation Matt Riddle recently shared his aspirations of forming a formidable faction alongside seasoned veterans Randy Orton and Edge. The topic came up during a recent segment of "The Bump," where Riddle was asked if he had considered creating a faction to take on the challenges posed by Gunther and Imperium.

The ex-UFC star expressed his enthusiasm for being part of a group and even revealed that he had pondered the possibility of establishing a faction called Rated RK-Bro. Intrigued by the idea, Riddle discussed potential members for this powerhouse group.

"You got Cody, he's a stallion. You know, if Randy ever comes back. That would be awesome. Edge — you know, for a minute there, I wanted to do Rated RK-Bro, you know. It's a whole thing. I would love to be in a group," he stated with fervor.

Rated-RKO: A Memorable Tag Team Legacy

Rated-RKO, the name under which Edge and Orton teamed up from 2006 to 2011, holds a special place in WWE fans' hearts. The two Superstars teased a reunion at the 2020 Royal Rumble, where Edge made a spectacular return to the ring.

The Rated-R Superstar and The Viper then engaged in a gripping feud, culminating in three epic matches. During his appearance on "The Bump," Riddle revealed that he often feels the odds stacked against him in matches, yearning for someone to rely on.

"I'll be honest, as a guy kinda on his own, especially with Randy [Orton] gone a bit and Drew [McIntyre] always doing something, all these factions have people to depend on. If they're down, they have someone to lift them up, and right now I really don't have that and it's a little unfortunate," he lamented.

While Randy Orton, Riddle's former tag-team partner, has been sidelined for a year due to a back injury, rumors suggest that his return may be on the horizon. Meanwhile, Riddle expressed interest in mentoring a few promising WWE NXT stars and potentially forming a group on the main roster.

Currently embroiled in a heated feud with Gunther, Riddle faced a setback when he was defeated by the Intercontinental Champion on the latest episode of "WWE Raw." This loss comes after another defeat at the hands of the Austrian star earlier in the month at the Money in the Bank show.

As the WWE universe eagerly awaits Randy Orton's return and Riddle's potential faction ambitions, it remains to be seen how these developments will shape the landscape of WWE and whether Rated RK-Bro will ever become a reality.

Until then, Riddle continues to display his fighting spirit and determination in every match, seeking to overcome the odds and achieve greatness in the squared circle.

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