Brandi Rhodes Launches Yoga & Pilates Studio!

Brandi Rhodes Empowers Wellness Through Personal Journey.

by Atia Mukhtar
Brandi Rhodes Launches Yoga & Pilates Studio!

Brandi Rhodes, renowned for her contributions to the wrestling industry, is embarking on an exciting new venture after earning her yoga teacher certification. The multifaceted entrepreneur has set her sights on the wellness domain, announcing her plans to establish a yoga and pilates studio through a heartfelt social media post on Tuesday.

The highly-anticipated facility is scheduled to open its doors in the Fall of 2023, promising a holistic approach to health and fitness. In a tweet that garnered widespread attention, Rhodes proudly displayed her hard-earned yoga teaching certification, highlighting the immense dedication she invested in honing her skills.

Over 200 hours of rigorous preparation have shaped her journey to becoming a qualified instructor, reflecting her unwavering commitment to excellence in this new endeavor.

Brandi's Inspiring Venture

At the red carpet premiere of the "Becoming Cody Rhodes" documentary, held in Atlanta, Georgia, where this week's "WWE Raw" took place, Rhodes took the opportunity to divulge more about her forthcoming business venture.

Accompanied by her husband, the WWE superstar Cody Rhodes, she shared her personal experience with yoga and pilates, revealing how these practices played a pivotal role in overcoming postpartum depression after the birth of her child in 2021.

Driven by a desire to assist young mothers and individuals grappling with the challenges of daily anxiety and stress, she aims to extend her support through both in-person and virtual classes. Formerly the Chief Brand Officer for AEW and a WWE in-ring announcer, Rhodes has been noticeably absent from the wrestling scene since her departure from AEW in 2021.

With her presence primarily limited to sporadic social media updates about her husband's WWE endeavors, this new venture marks a significant shift in her professional pursuits. Earlier this year, she candidly addressed her decision to step away from wrestling, hinting at the toll that jealousy and mental obstacles took on her enjoyment of the industry.

Rhodes admitted to feeling unfulfilled during her time in wrestling, prompting her to explore new horizons where she could channel her passion and expertise more meaningfully. The upcoming studio, which will offer both traditional in-person classes and modern app-based virtual sessions, embodies Rhodes' commitment to empowering individuals on their wellness journeys.

As her announcement garnered widespread anticipation and support, enthusiasts eagerly await the studio's unveiling in the fall, eager to embark on a transformative experience guided by the expertise and passion of Brandi Rhodes herself.

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